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Hey Joann Can you please help me with this assignment One

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Hey Joann
Can you please help me with this assignment
One way to improve your verbal communication is to own your thoughts and feelings. You-language is a way of speaking that projects responsibility onto another person and tends to be judgmental. I-language, on the other hand, is a way of speaking that owns responsibility and is descriptive rather than judgmental. Study the following example:

You-language statement
I-language statement

"You make me so mad!"
"I feel very angry when you interrupt me when I'm telling a story."

Complete the following two parts of your written assignment in one Word document. First, show your skill at translating You-language messages into I-language messages. Secondly, apply this skill to your own communication.

Part 1

Translate the following You-language statements into I-language messages.

Sentences to be translated:

You are so selfish.
You don't understand a word I'm saying.
You are too nosy; mind your own business.
You totally humiliated me in front of our friends.
You never help me around the house.
Part 2

Think of a You-language statement that you find yourself using when you communicate with a friend, family member, spouse, or romantic partner. Compose a paragraph that explains the situation in which you have used this You-language message. Consider how you would translate this You-language statement into an I-language message.

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Joanne :

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Thank you tomorrow by 6pm

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