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$7 BONUS WILL BE PAID...Due: Sat 4/28/12 by 10pm Use an

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$7 BONUS WILL BE PAID...Due: Sat 4/28/12 by 10pm

Use an search engine on the Internet to find examples of images or Web sites with images of bad grammar used in advertising, company Web sites, or news articles. For example, you can search "bad grammar in advertising" or "bad grammar examples" and

Click on any of the Web sites listed, or
Click "Images" at the top to view only images (from Web sites) with tags matching your keywords. If you click on the image, it will take you to the Web site location.
Find at least 3 examples of poor grammar on various Web sites, making sure to list your Web references. For example, you might click and use Motivated Grammar as a starting point for searching for your examples.

If you are able, right click the image to copy it, then paste the image on the Discussion Board directly (with the link for reference). If you are unable to do so, it is sufficient to provide only the link.

*** Include the following:

A description of the grammatical errors you found in each of your examples (i.e., wrong word, misspelled word, run-on sentences)
Your edited version
Your opinion on how the errors reflect on the company, author, or editor. How do you personally feel about the company given the grammar error involved?

In your responses, you are to look at the images posted and add your own opinion as to the image reflected from the grammatical errors.

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