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What are some steps a manager should take to keep his/her employees

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What are some steps a manager should take to keep his/her employees motivated?

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Its a discussion question and it has to be 500 words.

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Wow, that's pretty long for a DQ. Usually it's just 250-350 words in length.

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Any amount that you can assist me with is good. Just please give a reference.

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Ok, alright, I'll try to provide a coherent answer that is about 300 words in length


Sounds good I really appreciate the help.

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your answer is ready

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here you go:

Joanne :

In order to achieve organizational goals efficiently and effectively, it is imperative for managers to keep the employees motivated so that they display good work performance. In order to keep the employees motivated, there are some steps which the manager should take.

First, to keep the employees motivated, one way is to ensure that the right tasks are delegated to them. In this case, the manager will need to understand the experience, qualifications, strengths and weaknesses of each employee so as to delegate the right jobs. When jobs are not delegated well, the employees may experience frustration on the job and this will greatly hinder their work performance (“Motivating Others: Delegate Responsibly”, 2006).

Next, the manager will need to observe the kind of motivational factors that have an influence on the employees. Different employees in different workplaces respond differently to each motivational factor. One way to do so will be to conduct an interview or feedback session to find out about employee satisfaction in different areas as well as to gather some suggestions from the employees. After understanding some of the motivational factors that influence employees, the manager should evaluate if these factors are present in the company such as whether they are reflected in the benefits program. Suitable adjustments can then be made should these factors be lacking in the workplace (“Employee Motivation”).

Employees generally feel motivated when they experience a sense of belonging and accountability in the workplace. This is because they will feel that improving in their work performance would then be worthwhile in a workplace where they have a stake in. As such, a necessary step of a manager will be to instill this sense of belonging and accountability in the workplace. This can be done through several methods. For example, company lunches and dinners can be arranged to help foster closer bonds between employees and thus this will help in creating a sense of belonging (“Role of Motivation in Employee Retention”).

Finally, the manager and his or her behaviors will also have a direct impact on motivating employees. Therefore, the manager should conduct self-reflection regularly as well as to gather feedback from the employees in order to improve areas of weaknesses in his management and leadership.


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