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Question 1 The Roman philosopher Ovids famous statement,

Resolved Question:

Question 1
The Roman philosopher Ovid's famous statement, "The middle road is the safest," most closely resembles the ethics of what moral philosopher?


Question 2
Commercial Products Company markets its products nationwide. When making a Utilitarian-based ethical decision, the company typically must take into account the interests of and consequences to its:

c.Distributors and suppliers
d.All of the above.

Question 3
Which of the following is true about modern business corporations?

a.The societal expectation is that a corporation should just make money legally and not worry about the local community or society.

b.Since the corporation is not a real person it can never be judged from an ethical point of view.

c.The corporate vice-president of ethics has the power to veto what he or she considers as immoral corporate actions, but the veto can be overridden by a two-thirds vote of the board of directors.

d.None of the above.

Question 4
Utilitarianism can best be characterized by:

a.The consultation of an outside source, such as a person or a book, for guidance.

b.The belief that a person must decide what course of action is proper based on that person's own set of beliefs and feelings.

c.Determining which course of action produces the greatest amount of good for society.

d.A set of universal rules based on reasoning that must be applied in all situations and characterized by reversibility.

Question 5
The Principle of Last Resort holds that:

a.One has a legal duty to rescue a person in need
b.One may have a moral duty to rescue a person in need
c.If one is the last real chance to rescue a person in need, one is always acting immorally by failing to rescue
d.The law will always immunize a person from a negligent but good faith rescue attempt.

Question 6
When it comes to doing traditionally and conventionally "bad" actions in business, such as deceiving and misleading, Machiavelli would likely say

a.Do not do them since they are probably illegal.
b.Do not do them since people may condemn them as immoral acts.
c.Do them only if absolutely necessary and do them in a smart, clever, and crafty way.
d.Do not do them since they are regarded as wrong and transgressions by religions.

Question 7
Which of the following statements is most accurate?

a.Morals are legal minimums.
b.Morals are legal maximums.
c.Laws are moral minimums.
d.Laws are moral maximums.

Question 8
Maria works in the public relations department of National Sales Company. Her job includes portraying National's activities in their "best light." In this context, ethical egoism can be described as

a.Actions that produce a favorable financial outcome
b.Whatever saves National's "face"
c.A Machiavellian mind-set
d.All of the above.

Question 9
Pursuant to the Ethical Principle of Last Resort, one is morally obligated to act, to aid, to rescue if what conditions are present?

a.Need, proximity, and capability.
b.One is the last real chance or alternative to help.
c.Aiding would not cause equal to or greater than the original peril.
d.All of the above.

Question 10
A procedure which can be best used to assess the moral health of a corporation is the:

a.Social audit
b.Corrupt practices inventory
c.Moral audit
d.Legal audit
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Category: Homework
Expert:  M Hasan replied 5 years ago.

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