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16. (Points: 5) Fill in the blank. According to Johnson

Resolved Question:

(Points: 5)
Fill in the blank. According to Johnson and Pennypacker (1993), Fill in the Blank 01 is the process of assigning numbers and units to particular features of objects or events… it involves attaching a number representing the observed extent of a dimensional quantity to an appropriate unit.

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(Points: 5)
True or False? Applied behavior analysts measure behavior in order to answer questions about the existence and nature of functional relations between behavior and the environment.

True False

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(Points: 5)
Select ALL that apply. A practitioner who does NOT gather and attend to frequent measures of behaviors targeted for intervention is vulnerable to which mistake(s)?

a. Targeting behaviors that are not socially significant for the client.

b. Continuing an ineffective treatment when no real change in behavior has occurred

c. Using objective judgment in data interpretation

d. Discounting an effective treatment because subjective judgment detects no improvement.

e. Inability to detect successes and failures in prescribed behavior change treatments.

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(Points: 5)
Select ALL that apply. In addition to enabling ongoing program monitoring and data-based decision making, frequent measurement provides other important benefits. Which of the following are considered additional benefits of frequent measurement of behavior?

a. Enables practitioners to verify the legitimacy of treatments that are presented as “evidence-based.”

b. Helps practitioners identify and end treatments based on pseudoscience, fad, or ideology

c. Enables practitioners to be accountable to clients, consumers, and society by answering questions related to treatment in a confident manner.

d. Helps practitioners determine whether a client’s right to effective treatment or effective education is being honored.

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(Points: 5)
Which are the three dimensional quantities of behavior that behavior analysts can measure.

a. Reliability, temporal extent, duration

b. Countability, temporal magnitude, derivative

c. Repeatability, temporal extent, temporal locus

d. Frequency, duration, rate
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