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3 (OPINION based) Critical thinking questions

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(All 3 are OPINION based) I have 3 critical thinking questions that need to be answered in relations to (resolutions to an issue), (errors in thinking) and (assumptions). Can an expert help me out?

Chris12 :

May I be of assistance?


Yes please. I've attached my questions to this link.

Chris12 :

Can you tell me when and what time this assignment is due? Page or word count required? APA? Refs required? Is there anything else I need to know to answer the questions?


It's due in 1 hour. The word counts are also in the link. All opinion based. No MLA or APA format required. These are just discussion topics.

Chris12 :

Okay, I'm on it.


Awesome. Thank you.

Chris12 :

You're welcome.

Chris12 :

Here's the assignment, if you need help again just let me know.

Chris12 :

Question 1: Situation type is a major factor in issue resolution especially when the outcome is not going to be favorable for me or someone else. It is important to weigh all the consequences and not simply move by emotion or even assumption. Just because the situation seems similar to one that you've already encountered or that a friend has already encountered that doesn't mean you treat the current situation the same way. The players in the game are always different and you never know when you'll encounter a wild card. It's best to have a backup plan or at the very least find someone you trust and get an additional opinion about the matter. It's not about the number of people that help you figure out the problem it's about the amount of quality advice that you receive. Then it's up to you to act on it, modify it or simply follow your original plan. In the end you own up to whatever choice that has been made for the better or the worse.

Question 2: Errors in thinking can be based on the individual's previous experience with the current situation. The most common example is stereotyping in which one individual is based on the actions of his or her group. This person is not seen as individual that is part of the group but as a direct extension. With that being said the thinking error is intentional. The person believes that from those few examples he or she has all they need to know and they run with it. The outcome will most likely be negative or at the very least uncomfortable for all parties involved.

Question 3: Assumptions are not always bad because many times they come with a grain of truth. The first quote is saying that don't treat the world and everyone around you according to one standard. People are individuals and when you give them a chance they can surprise you. The second quote is saying life experiences have shown that our act of assuming has gotten us into trouble more than once, yet people still hold fast to them. This may seem crazy but change can be ugly but the familiar gorgeous. The third quote is saying get rid of the assumptions that blind you to new things and pick up revised assumptions over the course of your life. Assumptions are okay as long as you upgrade them as often as necessary.

Chris12 and 3 other Homework Specialists are ready to help you

If you need help again just let me know? Have a good weekend.


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