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Just need a quick outline on the psychological considerations

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Just need a quick outline on the psychological considerations and sociological effects of wireless electricity technology. Here is what to cover:

Psychological Effects: How has this technology been received, accepted, rejected? Why? Is it feared or favored? What is the attitude toward change? How are the developers trying to ³sell´ the technology tothe general public? Look at attitudes, feelings (emotions), behaviors, personality, and the ways humanschange as a result of this technology. What is being thought and why? Is the human mind impacted?How? Are interactions between people changing as a result? Who is included or excluded and why? UseMaslow¶s hierarchy of needs, Piaget or some other theorist. What psychological needs are met by thetechnology (e.g., cell phones once granted status and now promote a sense of belonging or connectedness) or created by the technology? Consumerism?

Look at groups and organizations that have arisen and prospered because of thistechnology. Are these groups supportive or antagonist, and why? How does thetechnology change society, or how does society change in response to the technology? What factors insociety led to the development in the first place? What do class, gender roles, race, norms, etc. mean inthis context? Who will benefit from the technology, and who might be harmed?Look at roles²subgroups, people¶s interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships. Consider crime, healthcare, schools.

I looks like a lot but just need maybe a page or two outlining these areas. Sorry for the time limit, I will pay extra to have it done by tonight. Please use an outline format."

Chris12 :

May I be of assistance? What type of outline do you require? Is if for a research paper or regular paper? Is there additional information to complete the assignment?


It is a research project just need a small outline on these areas. Just a normal outline. I.Main topic a,b,c supporting topics. That type of thing.

Chris12 :

What's the latest you can turn it in tonight?


Nothing too in depth just some highlights. Withing 1 page.

Chris12 :



Anytime tonight.

Chris12 :

I'm on it.


Make first main topic Psychological effects than the second main topic Sociological effects.

Chris12 :

I looked at the information - where does the socio portion begin?


I also forgot I need a brief introduction summarizing these topics. Just a few sentences.


No, what I sent was just the information that should be researched. Types of questions that should be answered in the outline.


Needed help finding information to put in an outline. :)

Chris12 :

Okay. Let me work on it and then send it to you. I'll stay online while you look it over and then you can critique it to make sure I didn't miss anything. How does that sound?


Great, thank you so much. :)

Chris12 :

You're welcome

Chris12 :

I. INTRODUCTION – Wireless technology has allowed the human race to become a freer species with the ability to transcend societal norms and also bypass expected behaviors.

II. BODY - Psychological and Sociological Effects of Wireless Technology on Humanity

A. Psychological Effects

1. Accepted for ease of use

2. Rejected for potential privacy issues

3. Favored because it makes life move faster, information in seconds

4. Feared due to increased dependency

5. Change is expected, baby boomers vs. next generation

6. Advertisements by celebrities, ease of use and multiple applications capture public


7. Human are less physically social and more wirelessly connected (Facebook).

8. Humans are so dependent that life is chaos without it.

9. The mind is weakened because complex decisions/choices taken by applications.

10. The techno illiterate are left behind in the wake of the techno elite.

11. Wireless technology penetrates all Maslow’s hierarchy levels except perhaps self-


B. Sociological Effects

1. Consumerism is the necessary food for those with money to burn.

2. Consumer groups support spending because of their own profits: the more who buy?

the money that is made.

3. Society becomes physically disconnected while virtual connects are established, cyber

over flesh and blood.

4. Society needed faster means to communicate and receive information anyone in the

world, hence wireless technology.

5. Wireless technology provides anonymity so all are on an equal playing field in terms

of class, gender roles, race and norms.

6. The younger generation benefit (fast learners) the older generation is harmed (left


7. Relationship becomes more diverse and less solidified by human contact.

8. Cybercrimes increase exponentially, healthcare needs increase (sedentary lifestyles) and

education is broadened by online classes.


A. Society negatively shaped by wireless technology

B. Limited boundaries produced by wireless technology has shaped humanity into a

disconnected entity not bound by the traditional laws of society.

C. Technology is not bad simply those who wield it must have a mature level of



Not bad but maybe just a little more detail pertaining to wireless technology itself, some of it is a little broad. Also can you make the conclusion into a paragraph form. :)

Chris12 :

What are you looking for exactly in the wireless technology portion and where would you like me to emphasize it?

Chris12 :

Perhaps a description of what it is or the products that are connected to it? Which direction or a completely different one?


Its basically the Psychological and Sociological effects that wireless electricity technology will have on society if it became a popular technology.

Chris12 :

Psychologically humans would forgo their usual pleasantries and take on a more instinctual approach. Simply telling people what's on their minds via virtaul connection with no fear of reprisal. Sociologically humans would gravite toward the most knowledgeable about the technology, clinging to them to gain elite status. Basically, devoid of concious thought simply relying on what they have been told. That's my take on it. What do you think? Need something more concrete than that?


No I guess that should be good. Was kind of a weird area to research that's why I needed help hehe. Thx :)

Chris12 :

Okay. I'll include those thoughts within the outline and make the ending a paragraph. As soon as I'm done, I'll upload the revision for you.


Although it's on wireless electricity specifically not wireless technology as a whole. Wireless electricity is a new idea and hasn't been implemented on a large scale yet so that is why it's supposed to be about the Psychological and Sociological effects of Wireless Electricity if it became popular.


It's not about wireless communication it is about wireless electricity.

Chris12 :

Okay, let me rethink some concepts and go back over the outline.


Cool thanks. Yeah after looking at it again you are a bit broad. Needs to be more specific about wireless electricity.

Chris12 :

Here's the revised outline.

Chris12 :

I. INTRODUCTION – Wireless electricity will change the world by freeing humanity from the fears of fuel shortages and cause connectivity between diverse societies.

II. BODY - Psychological and Sociological Effects of Wireless Electricity on Humanity

A. Psychological Effects

1. Accepted for cleaner source of fuel

2. Rejected because it’s new in the market

3. Favored because it’s accessible to

4. Feared because it challenges the energy giant (electric companies)

5. Change will be painful and gradual

6. Advertisements based on freedom of electronic device placement within the home or

office, no more being chained to the outlet. Plus no more fears of high electricity costs.

7. Peace of mind would be increased, one less necessity to worry about.

8. Humans would be naturally skeptical about the range of functionality concerning this

new technology. For example this technology is limited by line of sight, anything

outside that parameter would not be powered up unless moved.

9. The human will either run scenarios about all that could go wrong or of everything that

could go right.

10. The electricity companies will be left behind along with their loyal customers.

Change waits for no one and those who don’t learn fast and accept willingly are


11. Wireless electricity permeates Maslow’s physiological and safety needs. This type of

energy can keep people warm and provide fuel for cooking. It can also keep them

safe by powering their home security systems.

B. Sociological Effects

1. Consumerism encourages the customer to buy-buy-buy, in this situation it may

encourage customers to look elsewhere.

2. Those involved with the stock market and those who own/operate the electricity

companies would advocate blocking the use of this new technology because they can’t

control it or compete with it.

3. Society becomes physically disconnected while virtual connects are established, cyber

over flesh and blood.

4. Society must change with the technology because holding to the past would be costly

and time consuming.

5. Wireless electricity would put the majority of humanity on a level playing field. You

won’t need already established electricity to run your electronic devices the power

will be supplied to you.

6. The youth will embrace wireless electricity as a means to escape our world of energy

bondage, the older generation may not accept it and cling the energy bondage. What’s

familiar to you is safer than trying something new and better.

7. Relationships would change on a national scale because the balance of power would be

tipped concerning fuels and energy consumption. Example the Middle East will no

longer be top dog with the oil but rather second fiddle.

8. Certain crimes would become more visible, healthcare would become more risky and education in the benefits and detriments of this technology will increase.


Society has many different parts but they all function together to make a single entity. This entity requires ease of use, bargains, benefits and quality. Energy has kept humanity a slave to foreign countries like the Middle Eastern nations and also to those who are in control in the United States. The introduction of wireless electricity breaks those relationships of dependency where one party was subservient to the other. Now both sides can stand as equals on the playing field. This new technology does have its limitations including being new and line of sight; however the potential benefits outweigh them. At the rate that technology is advancing it will be no surprise that the current limitations will have solutions within the next 2 to 3 years


Looks good except maybe the introduction. Could it be a few more sentences. :)

Chris12 :


Chris12 :

Do you want me to upload the entire outline again or simply the revision for the introduction paragraph?


just the paragraph. :)

Chris12 :

Okay - Wireless electricity will change the world by freeing humanity from the fears of fuel shortages and cause connectivity between diverse societies. Powerhouses like the Middle East will now be on equal terms with the nations who purchased oil from them. The amount of money saved could be used toward more needed projects such as education improvement, new job development and reduction in human suffering.


That should do it Thank You. :)

Chris12 :

You're welcome. If you need help again please let me know.


Great Thanks. :)

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