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11. As youre revising an essay, you write down several sentences

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11. As you’re revising an essay, you write down several sentences to describe your
intended readers. Why?
A. To see if your essay is directed toward its intended audience
B. To ensure that you’re instructing your audience adequately
C. To make sure you’re writing what you know, not what you believe
D. To ensure that your essay will entertain the audience
12. An evaluation tool using questions and answers that lead to effective strategies is
called a/an
A. thesis. C. graphic organizer.
B. outline. D. flowchart.
13. Which of the following sentences contains a dependent clause?
A. The red sports car that was parked under the tree belongs to Alan.
B. Kicking and leaping, the three deer behaved like rambunctious rabbits.
C. Jared eagerly climbed into the boxing ring; he was on his back and out for the
count in less than ten seconds.
D. Please clear the table and wash the dishes.
14. Which sentence should be edited to eliminate its cliché?
A. The family was immensely relieved when Great-Aunt Martha’s condition progressed
from “critical” to “it looks like she’ll live another 10 years.”
B. I wanted to hire Dave, but a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.
C. The texture of the burlap was a cross between woven straw and a three-day beard.
D. Striding toward the barn in her red coverall and bucket hat, Gloria—tall and round—
gave the impression of a charging silo.
15. Which statement is true about sentence lengths in a written piece?
A. Short sentences tend to move ideas quickly.
B. In spite of their name, compound-complex sentences are usually shorter than
compound or complex sentences.
C. Regardless of the sentence type, the audience tends to read at its own pace.
D. Varying sentence type has no appreciable effect on relative sentence length.
16. While reviewing an essay, what would be your main purpose in applying the questions
Who? What? When? Where? Why?
A. To clarify your topic sentences
B. To organize your evidence
C. To compare your thesis statement with your conclusion
D. To be sure your evidence provides sufficient detail
17. A student who regularly tracks her mistakes in spelling, verb forms, and parallelism
is probably
A. keeping an error log.
B. using a flowchart.
C. analyzing her essays’ organization.
D. focusing on her learning style.
18. A _______ can be used for both organizing and revising an essay.
A. flowchart C. topic sentence
B. graphic organizer D. verbal sketch
19. Nathan argues that each paragraph in a narrative should support the author’s thesis.
Nan says that paragraphs in a narrative should illuminate some part of the action.
Which one is correct?
A. Both Nathan and Nan are correct.
B. Neither Nathan nor Nan is correct.
C. Only Nan is correct.
D. Only Nathan is correct.
20. In which sentence does the underlined word have a negative connotation?
A. Jenna’s ethnic background gave her an exotic look.
B. Jack, who is the most outspoken member of the group, led the opposition to the
new rule.
C. Although she had worked hard in high school, Ruth found the college courses
D. Matthew was a scrawny kid, but he grew up strong.

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