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Why is a healthy lifestyle important in school? A healthy

Customer Question

Why is a healthy lifestyle important in school?

A healthy lifestyle was predetermined for my life. My mother made a conviction to incorporate health and exercise in my moral ethos from birth. There are scientific rationales for living this way, but for me it was routine as learning to read, learning math, learning about God and eating right. There is a story behind this moral more, and it’s not what you expect. It actually stems from life and death decisions that changed her life and in turn mine. So as you see I have a story to tell not one just of data, but believe it or not, also one of human affliction.
This all begins with the story of a girl who was born not just in poverty, but under a dictatorship in the 60’s in Cuba. Were I take eating healthy as a good choice, there are people around the world that make eating the purpose of living today. So it began in the life of my mother. Born in an impoverished country, in which food took long lines, and rations were distributed equally monthly. The choice of how much chicken, meat or milk was determined by the availability in the country and how many mouths to feed. In communism, your choices are allowanced and monitored by a little black book. If chicken is the meat product, that is what you get, and that is what is stamped in the little black book. Unfortunately, chicken, eggs and milk were your only choices all year with the possibility of an occasional fish item. Yes, she immigrated from this tyranny, but only to fall under the dictatorship of poverty.
My family emigrated first from Cuba and then from Spain in 1972. With $15, 4 duffle bags (7lbs each the amount regulated by the communist when you leave the country), a wife, two daughters, and little English my story began. My grandfather started over in the US at the age of 46 and my grandmother 38. Two daughters one 14 and one 7, the number of children allowed for food rations in Cuba. My grandparents in the 70’s started life with borrowed money, a bedroom set and mattresses from the trash and Salvation Army cloth for all four. My grandfather died of a massive myocardial infarct that finished his life with a massive hemorrhagic stroke at 51. What attributed to this early death? According to the doctors of that day, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, poor diet and lack of exercise all preventable. My mother was eleven, and according to her, this is when life got tough. She made a childish decision to eat healthy and exercise on April 28th 1977. This was the day her father was buried.
I can give scientific rationales for my healthy life style, but mine came out of living proof that food and diet matter. I guess in my family it was a moral conviction, a promise. My mother and her sister are both nurses. My aunt is emergency room nurse. My mother is an emergency room nurse, critical care nurse who cares for open heart patients. In her spare time, she teaches diabetes to the Spanish speaking community. She speaks to young, pregnant teen moms about the importance of a healthy life, education and independence.
A healthy life Style is not just good for focusing in your studies, but a privilege according to my mother that this wonderful country give you as a gift that I have been taught to cherish.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Chris12 replied 5 years ago.

Chris12 :

May I be of assistance? When and what time is the assignment due? How many pages or words are required? APA? Number of refs needed? Is additional information needed to complete the assignment?


I would like it back by today if possible. I need to review the editing. The essay is 1000 words, No references needed, just edit and reword or make suggestions. APA

Chris12 :

What is the latest time today that you can accept the work? After this question is answered I'll know if I can assist you today.


May I have it back by no later than 7PM?

Chris12 :

Here's the assignment: My apologies about the lateness. If I can help in the future please let me know.

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