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MA-Functional Objectives (A) Buku Smith Started: March 1,

Customer Question

MA-Functional Objectives (A)
Buku Smith
Started: March 1, 2012 7:08 AM
Questions: 20

(Points: 5)
According to Hawkins (1979), which of the following is NOT one of the five phases/functions of behavioral assessment?

a. Placement in an appropriate setting

b. Monitoring progress

c. Pinpointing the target behavior/s

d. Screening and general disposition

e. Follow-up

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(Points: 4)
T/F. The purpose of a behavior checklist is to record all behavior as it occurs in real time.

True False

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(Points: 5)
Select ALL that Apply. When determining which target behavior deserves attention first, which of the following questions should be asked?

a. Is this target behavior age-appropriate?

b. How much will it cost to change this behavior?

c. What will be the relative importance of this new behavior in future skill development?

d. Does this problem behavior entail any danger?

e. What is the frequency of this problem?

f. Is this behavior a behavioral cusp or pivotal behavior?

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(Points: 5)
When assessing how much it costs to change an individual’s behavior, which of the following is NOT a consideration?

a. The cost of equipment and materials

b. How much time the behavior change program will cost the client

c. The availability of public funds

d. The cost of staff salaries

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(Points: 5)
T/F. Scientific definitions are important because they allow for replication.

a. True

b. False

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(Points: 5)
Select ALL that Apply. According to Cooper, Heron and Heward (2007), a good definition of a target behavior should include which of the following characteristics?

a. Subjectivity

b. Objectivity

c. Completeness

d. Clarity

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(Points: 5)
What rule is being followed when a target behavior is selected because it is likely to produce reinforcement in an individual’s post-treatment environment?

a. Relevance of behavior rule

b. None of these answers are correct

c. Reactivity rule

d. All of these answers are correct

e. Direct observation rule

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(Points: 5)
Fill in the blank. A subject’s specific behavior that is identified for change is called the Fill in the Blank 01 behavior.

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(Points: 5)
Select ALL that apply. Which of the following considerations is/are reasons for teaching “age appropriate” target behaviors?

a. To ensure that learned behavior is developmentally appropriate

b. Selecting age-appropriate target behaviors is only important for adults

c. To increase the likelihood that learned behaviors are maintained

d. To adhere to the philosophy of normalization

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(Points: 5)
According to Schwartz, et al. (2001), which of the following is NOT part of their definition of functional assessment (FA)?

a. Practices that are meaningful and acceptable to users and consumers

b. Practices that consider the child and his or her behaviors in context

c. Practices that are recommended by family members

d. Practices that have a high degree of instructional utility

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(Points: 5)
Select ALL that Apply. Which of the following describe the purposes of the Gathering Information step of Project DATA’s school-based model?

a. To implement a wide variety of instructional approaches to meet the individual needs of the child

b. To gather all of the information possible about the child to establish a coherent picture

c. To begin to establish a collaborative relationship with the family

d. To learn from the parents about the child’s strengths, needs and challenging behaviors

e. To determine which behaviors and skills are most important to the family

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(Points: 5)
T/F. According to Schwartz, et al. (2001), a critical component of effective program implementation is consistency.

True False

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(Points: 5)
What type of assessment is used for complex human behavior, in which a large amount of information must be gathered about the subject, including the various environments that s/he lives and works in?

a. Standardized assessment

b. Interview assessment

c. Behavioral assessment

d. Ecological assessment

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(Points: 6)
Fill in the blank. Interviews and checklists are considered ___________ assessment approaches because the data obtained from them are taken from subjective accounts of the behavior.


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(Points: 5)
According to Hawkins (1986), which of the following is an advantage of his definition of habilitation?

a. It does not overemphasize social judgments or social norms

b. All of these answers are advantages of Hawkins definition of habilitation

c. It treats adjustment as a continuum and does not emphasize pathology

d. It uses concepts that are already a familiar part of the basic scientific principles

e. None of these answers are advant
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Ellen replied 5 years ago.

WebLaw :

Welcome Back - do you want me answer the questions in the same manner as the last group meaning in small groups of 2 or 3 maximum.

WebLaw :

Please let me know. If you do split up your questions into smaller groups please remember to start each question with "for WebLaw" so that the question is directed to me and I give it my immediate attention

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Expert:  Ellen replied 5 years ago.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Where are the answers? Please stop doing this! i am interested in the answers and u are not giving me the answers! Are u teasing me or what?
Expert:  Ellen replied 5 years ago.
I am going to opt out of your question. Another expert may assist you

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