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Buddhism Multiple Choice Questions

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1) Multiple Choice

Siddhartha Gautama's father protected him from __________ when he was young.     
A. sights of human misery and ugliness
B. abstract philosophical teamings
C. wealth and luxury
D. non-Hindu religious ideas

2)Multiple Choice     
Tibetan Buddhists believe that when the Dalai Lama dies, he:     
A. reaches Nirvana
B. becomes the Buddha     
C. is reborn as a child     
D. returns to the Pure Land of eternal bliss

3) Multiple Choice     
Which of the following is expected of lay Buddhists?     
A. Wearing coarse robs     
B. Abstaining from alchohol     
C. Refraining from eatting meats     
D. Refusing to marry

4) Multiple Choice     
The word Nirvana means:     
A. a heavenly world of peace and love between people     
B. clearrational understanding of the laws of the universe     
C. an exalted state in which one becomes a god/goddess     
D. to extinguish, like a candle blown out

5) Multiple Choice     
Adherents of ____________ Buddhism use riddles in meditationand value simplicity.     
A. Pure Land
B. Zen
C. Tendai
D. Mahayana

6) Multiple Choice     
Each of the Four Noble Truths focuses on the problem of:     
A. ignorance     
B. fate     
C. suffering     
D. hatred

7) Multiple Choice     
One of the unique teachings of the Buddha is that humans DO NOT have:     
A. bodies     
B. minds     
C. emotions     
D. an essential soul, or self, that never changes

8) Multiple Choice     
Which of the following is not part of the Eightfold Path?     
A. right speech     
B. right concentration     
C. right effort     
D. right desires

9) Multiple Choice     
Buddhism spread from _________ to __________.     
A. India to China     
B. Japan to India     
C. China to India     
D. Japan to Sri Lanka

10) Multiple Choice     
Which number best approximates the number of Buddhists in the world today?     
A. almost 38 million     
B. almost 380 million     
C. almost 380 thousand     
D. almost 3.8 billion

11) Multiple Choice     
The spread of Buddhism to other parts of Asia around 250 B.C.E was made possible by:     
A. Emperor Asoka     
B. Prince Siddhartha     
C. Bodhidharma     
D. The monks of Tibet

12) Multiple Choice     
Ulambana is:     
A. the highest state of enlightenment     
B. our inner most being     
C. a festival for the dead     
D. the founder of Mahayana Buddhism

13) Multiple Choice     
A Japanese form of Buddhism that aims to purify the Japanese people by purifying Buddhism and returning to the "true" teachings fo the Buddha     
A. Zen     
B. Vajrayana     
C. Tendai     
D. Nichiren

14) True/False     
Buddhism virtually died out in India because it was gradually absorbed by Hinduism.     
A. True     
B. False

15) True/False     
Zen Buddhism teaches that Gods and Goddesses are essential for guiding one to Nirvana.     
A. True     
B. False

16) Multiple Choice     
What is the class of beings who, according to Mahayana teachings, postpone the achievement of Nirvana in order to help human beings find enlightenment?
A. Arhants     
B. Bodhis     
C. Bodhisattvas     
D. Buddhas

17) True/False     
In Japan and Korea, Theravada Buddhism is the predominant form of religion.     
A. True     
B. False

18) True/False     
Hinayana Buddhism is known for its liberal openness and acceptance of all varieties of faith and practice     
A. True     
B. False

19) True/False     
The image of Buddha as fat and jolly originated in the Nichiren sect of Buddhism.     
A. True     
B. False

20) Matching     
Match the Buddhist branch or sect with the description [Theravada, Hinayana, Mahayana, Pure Land, Tibetan, Nichiren, Zen]
A. one of the "main" branches, which teaches the "greater way."
B. Buddhist sect that practices devotion to the Bohisattva Amitabha
C. One of the "main" branches, which teaches a more exclusive or "narrow way."
D. The dominant sect in Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Laos
E. Sect that emphasizes prayers to Avalokiteshvara
F. Philosophical sect that emphasizes sitting meditation

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