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Please respond to the following Discussion Questions:

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Please respond to the following Discussion Questions: · If one followed all laws, would that make them a moral person? Explain your answer. Can you think of any situations in which lying is acceptable? · Can you think of any acts that result in bad consequences, but should still be considered good acts? I do not think that because a person follows all laws that they are a moral person. I think that a person who follows all laws is a person of integrity but it takes more to classify someone as moral. Moral comes in ones thoughts and actions. Yes, ethic and morals is deciding what is right over wrong but the question still remains as to who is the right person to determine what is right versus wrong. Every person in the world has the ability to interpret any law as to whether the law is good or bad or if they will abide by that particular law based on their individual beliefs/perceptions. I personally believe that a persons morals are individual based and determined by that persons experiences in life. Therefore, no person can make a blanket determination as to what is morally or ethically right or wrong. Laws themselves are not always made in the best interest of all citizens because of this I do not believe that simply following all laws makes someone a moral person. I do not think lying is something that should be acceptable, I believe that honesty is a cardinal rule no matter how much the truth my hurt. I think that people have to learn to hold their tongues because sometimes saying the truth can be hurtful but lying cannot be considered as acceptable. I do believe that acts that result in bad consequences occur and some people will argue that the act would be considered a good act but that is most likely because of personal beliefs/ethics. For instance the weeks reading uses the example about a wife who kills her husband because the husband was abusive. Although, my personal beliefs say the husband received what he deserved, the act of murder/homicide is illegal and the woman should still be tried for her crime. CAN YOU READ MY RESPONSE TO THE QUESTIONS ABOVE, AND WRITE A RESPONSE TO MY ANSWER! I HAVE TO MAKE SURE THAT MY ANSWER CAN SPARK A CONTINUING RESPONSE FROM MY CLASSMATE A DISCUSSION SITUATION? NO, REAL REQUIREMENTS OTHER THAN I NEED IT BACK TONIGHT!

Hello...I am not sure if you still need an answer....

In response to your answer, it sparks interest because if you follow laws then you may be deemed a moral person. However, an individual's ethics and their actions based on those ethics may make them an immoral person even though no law has been broken. Laws are so general and broad and most be are able to follow them and seem to be good people. When it comes to lying, it is not acceptable but there is such a fine line between lying and withholding the truth. Honesty is the best route but many people do lie to protect others from emotional and physical harm.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

No, I don't need this answer anymore. However, you can respond to this for me in exchange that would be great!


Do you believe that your values make a difference in today's system of justice? Provide examples and explain your answers.

I do think that my values do make a difference in today's system of justice because I do try to do what is right and I taught my daughters and my grandchildren to do what is right. An example of this would be to have respect for others, especially the disabled, different races, and the less fortunate. Some of the older people in my family have been and still are very prejudiced against some of these same people and I refuse to be that way. It always bothered me while I was growing up hearing racial remarks and jokes. It is so wrong and so old fashioned. We need to treat everyone the same by giving them a chance to prove themselves. We should never judge a person by their race, looks, or social status. We should love and want to help everyone we can.

Explain how Aristotle and Plato associate status with justice. Has it changed today?

Aristotle and Plato associate status with justice by believing that no one can ever escape the consequences of injustice even if they are not caught or brought to trial, or go to prison. The injustice continues to affect the person's psyche. According to Plato injustice brings strife, disharmony, and conflict, or lack of psyche health and wholeness.
I do not think it has changed today because even if a person is not caught for doing the crime, they know they did wrong and it will most likely make them have negative feelings about it or about getting

Ok...when do you need the answers?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Today, but there are no requirements!!!
Ok...would this afternoon be alright?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Yes, that's fine!
Ok..I will complete this for you.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

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