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The only thing you are doing is commenting on the answer that

Resolved Question:

The only thing you are doing is commenting on the answer that was given by others students on both these question in a 150
1. Do you believe your personal philosophy must match the district or school where you teach? Why or why not?

Comment one: I believe that there needs to be general guidelines for teaching from the district but also allows a teacher to have a certain amount of freedom to teach the way they desire. Teachers have a difficult job of teaching a single class of 20 or more students. They will get the best results by teaching in a way most suitable for them. I believe there should be a certain amount of monitoring of how the strategy is practiced for teaching. In a professional environment if there is a mismatch of ideas for teaching, then I would have to look at myself and see how I can mold to the requirements. Teaching is a job where one has to be flexible with how they can present the information to the students. There are always new way to get the information there and new methods to try and teach children. It is a constantly changing profession and I would like to think that I can adapt with the changes. To me a mismatch of ideas just means that there are other ways to try and approach the situation, another oppotunity to grow as a professional and person.

Comment 2: definitely think that teachers are far more effective when they teach in a manner that suits them best. With that said, I also believe that teachers need to go outside of their own comfort zone and teach in different ways to become more efficient. There are many approaches to take with teaching but there are specific ways to get the information presented. Good teachers can teach children well, great teachers can teach a variety of different ways to suit the needs of the children.

Comment 3; All the responses to my post are great. I agree with each on of you. If I implied that teaching children in a way that they could learn the material would not be fun or challenging I did not mean to. Of course we will all have are different styles of teaching. That is why some teachers are more effective at teaching certain subjects. When learning to teach and getting your bearings on what and how to teach we are exposed to many different styles. It is up to the teacher how they plan to teach their students and what experiences they take away from their learning. Just as it is up to me to find my philosophy and teaching style so that I can be an effect teacher, and know my student are learning what needs to be learned.

Question 2: Why is it important to have a personal philosophy of education? What is your personal philosophy? Which philosophy of education best correlates with it?

Comment 1: My philosophy for teaching is to have a conversation with the children. Talk about why 1+1=2, or how 2x2=4. Explain more then just because I say so, which has become a problem with many teachers out there now. I like the idea of giving children the oppotunity to learn on their own, once they get to a certain level take the time to lead them to the answer but allow them to figure it out for themselves by logical deduction. My philosophies best match with Socrates' ideas of Education comes better with questions and that the greatest knowledge is the knowledge one discovers for themselves. I value knowledge that I find on my own and there is a great deal of good for children when they feel the satisfaction of discovering something knew on their own, or with little guidance. I find this to also be the most efficient way of teaching, because when someone is told information they have to have it repeated to them multiple times for the information to be saved in their memory. When someone takes the time to reason the answer and goes through the process of finding the information they remember the process and the answer.

Comment 2: It is important for me to have a personal philosophy of education so I can identify what I believe is the purpose of education, how I should treat students, what knowledge is of the most worth, who should decide the curriculum, what should be included in the curriculum, and what my role is as a teacher (Armstrong, Henson, & Savage, 2009). I have an eclectic philosophy, which leans heavily toward essentialism. I believe that my philosophy of education leans mostly toward essentialism because I have a conservative background. I believe that the culture of the United States should be the dominate culture in the classroom, but I would never exclude any student, or ask that they deny their own culture. I believe in student participation in the learning process and will use the Socratic method of asking probing questions and using dialogue to enhance learning (Johnson, Musial, Hall, & Golinick, 2011). I in vision a classroom that is full of excitement, with students that not only develop a point of view but have the conviction to passionately defend their position.
Armstrong, D. G., Henson, K. T., &
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Gwyn replied 5 years ago.
Hi there. When is this due? Thanks!!!
Also, do you need 150 words on each comment?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I'm sorry I just got back on line it do today but you can submit it sunday
Expert:  Gwyn replied 5 years ago.
I can do this tonight for you. Do you need 150 words for every comment, or 150 for the first question and another 150 for the second?

Expert:  Gwyn replied 5 years ago.

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