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Brittany, Professional
Category: Homework
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For Brittany (XBIS/219)

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This is due Friday, January 13th.This one needs a title page and all the other APA formatting. Review Section 5.2 in the text. Write a paragraph of at least 200 words addressing the following: How would you describe Web 2.0 to someone who has not taken a course in information systems? What are the advantages and disadvantages of Web 2.0? How has Web 2.0 impacted business? Format your entire paper consistent with APA guidelines. Here is the link for Section 5.2:

Brittany :

Hi Sneakers, I will get this one started as well!


thank you this leaves just 2 more questions for you to accept

Brittany :

I think I got all of them :)


yes you did. I will post week 9 stuff later this week

Brittany :

Hi Sneakers, Here is this one: Please click here

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