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Which was the battle that favored united States during world

Resolved Question:

Exam 007700

An uncertain Horizon American History

1. During World War II, the tide turned in favor of the United States at the Battle of

A. the Coral Sea.

B. Midway.

C. Okinawa.

D. Leyte Gulf. 

2. Reagan embraced the idea that through tax incentives the private sector would shift its resources from tax shelters to productive investment. This theory is referred to as

A. neofederalism.

B. supply-side economics.

C. supply-and-demand economics.

D. deficit economics. 

3. Under Franklin Roosevelt's Good Neighbor policy,

A. Cordell Hull favored continued military interventions in Latin America.

B. the Platt Amendment was rescinded.

C. American commerce with Latin America increased, but only slightly.

D. the collective security among the nations of the Western Hemisphere declined.


4. Among instances of corporate malfeasance in the early twenty-first century, the _______ scandal was the most shocking and economically damaging for employees and shareholders.

A. American Tobacco

B. Enron

C. WorldCom

D. Tyco International

5. The 1978  Supreme  Court  decision in  Bakke v.  Regents of the University of California

A. ruled against the principle of affirmative action.

B. established the rights of students to appeal college admissions policies.

C. established the "red state-blue state" divide.

D. ruled in favor of affirmative action within specified limits.


6. During the 1950s, the advent of _______ created the largest and fastest-growing impact on American society.

A. television.

B. suburban communities

C. fundamentalist religion.

D. educational reform

7. Which of the following is true of the Supreme Court's decision in Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka?

A. It ruled that desegregation was a state issue, but that segregation was a federal issue.

B. It established that all citizens should have access to public education.

C. It ruled that segregation should proceed with "all deliberate speed."

D. It declared that segregated schools were inherently separate and unequal

8. Which of the following was the primary cause of the Balkan Wars conducted during the Clinton administration?

A. The UN peacekeepers' inability to stem ethnic cleansing

B. Muslim activism in Bosnia

C. The breakup of the former state of Yugoslavia

D. The rise to power of Slobodan Milosevic in Serbia


9. Which of the following was Eisenhower's most significant legislative achievement?

A. The establishment of modern Republicanism

B. The Highway Act of 1956

C. Increasing the minimum wage

D. The extension of Social Security benefits


10. Which of the following is true of the Truman Doctrine?

A. It established the Marshall Plan.

B. It ended the policy of containment.

C. It created the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

D. It amounted to an informal declaration of Cold War.


11. When postwar expansion slowed in the 1950s, an economic stimulus was provided by

A. increased consumer goods manufacturing.

B. the baby boom.

C. the construction of Levitt Towns.

D. Cold War spending.


12. During the turbulence of the 1960s, black activism focused primarily on

A. stopping the Vietnam War.

B. expanding voting rights.

C. supporting the nonviolent strategies of Martin Luther King, Jr.

D. expanding economic opportunity.


13. John F. Kennedy replaced Eisenhower's concept of massive retaliation with a _______ response strategy.

A. focused

B. massive

C. limited

D. flexible


14. During Lyn don  Johnson's  presidency , which of the following legislative or executive measures banned literacy tests?

A. The Medicare Act

B. The Civil Rights Act of 1964

C. The Voting Rights Acts of 1965

D. The establishment of the Office of Economic Opportunity


15. The political purpose of the Taft-Hartley Act of 1947 was to

A. roll back the provisions of the Wagner Act.

B. strengthen the Wagner Act.

C. implement NSC-68.

D. impose regulations on the steel industry.


16. Following on the successful activism of Cesar Chavez, Mexican American youths began to refer to themselves as

A. Los Hombres.

B. Chicanos.

C. Los Barrios.

D. Mexicans.


17. Which of the following statements is true regarding the Korean War?

A. Both Stalin and Mao expected the American response to the invasion.

B. Stalin was outraged by the North Korean attack on South Korea.

C. The Chinese armed and trained the North Korean army.

D. Stalin approved the North Korean attack in advance.


18. During the Carter administration, Zbigniew Brzezinski

A. tried to reverse the policy of détente.

B. tried to get Carter to roll back taxes.

C. rejected the adoption of the MX missiles to replace the older Minute Man missiles.

D. was directly involved in continuing the SALT talks.


19. During the McCarthy era, which of the following was (were) executed for allegedly giving atomic secrets to the Soviet Union?

A. Alger Hiss

B. Klaus Fuchs

C. Whittaker Chambers

D. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg


20. The majority of states that did not ratify the Equal Rights Amendment were located in the

A. Southeast.

B. Northeast.

C. Midwest.

D. West.

Alright, here is the last exam for American History.


Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Cher replied 5 years ago.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thanks Cher, passed with a 70 missed 6

Got 5,10,11,12,17,18 wrong.

The right answers were







exam 007700

The correct ones for exam 007686





Thanks again for your help!!


Expert:  Cher replied 5 years ago.

Hi Amber,

Glad you passed, but sorry there were that many wrong! This was a tough test and without the study guide or textbook for me to read, difficult to find all the right answers online.

Thanks so much for letting me know the corrections; I like to know the info for myself and for the future.

It's my pleasure to help you!

Best regards.

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