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Dr. Charogat
Dr. Charogat, Physician
Category: Homework
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Assignment 4: Writing and Pronunciation—Endoscope Letter to

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Assignment 4: Writing and Pronunciation—Endoscope Letter to Nurse Manager & Amniocentesis Patient Information Sheet

You are a medical representative of a company that specializes in endoscopes. Write a letter to the new nurse manager of a multi-specialty office. The letter should describe the types of endoscopes you sell (Endoscope, Cystoscope, Nephroscope, Urethroscope, Laparoscope, Bronchoscope, Arthroscope, Colposcope, Gastroscope, Laryngoscope, Proctoscope, Thoracoscope) and their uses.

You are the office manager for a ten-physician OB-GYN office. The Chief Medical Officer asks you to write a patient information sheet for your patients, describing step-by-step the process for amniocentesis used in your office. Use the description and figure 12-8 of Chapter 12, page 18 in your electronic text to write a 300-word patient information sheet describing the amniocentesis process.
Make sure to include the following terms, in addition to other terms in the patient information sheet in a manner that demonstrates your knowledge of their meaning.

Amniotic sac
Spina bifida
Alpha fetoprotein
Rh disease
Open neural tube defects
Cytological analysis
Uterine wall

Dr. Charogat :

Good morning!

Dr. Charogat :

Can you send me the "description and figure 12-8 of Chapter 12, page 18 in your electronic text" so that I know I am doing what is needed?

Dr. Charogat :

Also, when is this due?

It is just a picture of a amiocentisis and what it looks like and what they use. I cant copy it any medical book has it in it. The same pisture is in both my medical dictionarys.

It is due thursday if you can help

Dr. Charogat :

okay. I will work on this and try to have it before Thursday (if possible by tonight).

Dr. Charogat :

G-d Bless


thank you

Dr. Charogat :

Here is part I: Please read it over and 'make it your own', including, being that it is a letter, how you would like to sign off. I tried to make sure to use every term there but just in case I missed one you should please read it over.

Dr. Charogat :

G-d Bless

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Dr. Charogat and other Homework Specialists are ready to help you

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