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15. A 5-year prospective cohort study has just been completed.

Resolved Question:

15. A 5-year prospective cohort study has just been completed. The study was designed to assess the association between supplemental vitamin A exposure and mortality and morbidity from measles. The RR for incidence of measles was 0.75, and the RR for measles mortality was 0.5. Which statement is correct? (Points: 2)
A cohort study is not an appropriate study design in this case because the association between one exposure and two different outcomes is being considered.
One of the problems that this study may have faced is individuals lost to follow-up during the 5-year period.
A cohort study was not a good design to study this association because measles is a very common disease.
None of the above

16. In January 1998, a physician in a Buenos Aires, Argentina, hospital telephoned the Ministry of Health (MOH) to report three possible cases of botulism. The patients, all men in their 30s, presented with drooping eyelids, double vision, difficulty swallowing, and respiratory problems. One patient had onset of symptoms on February 2, the other two on February 5. All three men worked in a local meat factory. What type of study is this? (Points: 2)
Case report
Case series
Ecological study
Cross-sectional study

17. Which one of the following statements best describes a limitation of cross-sectional studies? (Points: 2)
No information on individuals
Unclear temporal relationship between exposure and disease
No comparison group

18. Investigators began a study in 1995 to evaluate the association between infertility treatment and ovarian cancer occurrence among 3,000 Rhode Island women treated for infertility between 1984 and 1994. Cancer incidence was determined by matching the women to information in the Rhode Island Cancer Registry. The cancer rates in this sample were compared with cancer rates among the population of Rhode Island women. What kind of t study is this? (Points: 2)
Retrospective cohort
Prospective cohort

19. What sources can be used to identify controls for a case-control study? (Points: 2)
General population
Hospital/clinic patients
Friends and relatives
All of the above

20. The healthy worker effect is a form of what type of bias? (Points: 2)
Selection bias
Control-selection bias
Interviewer/recording bias
Surveillance, diagnostic, or referral bias
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