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Chris M., M.S.W. Social Work
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Is there anyone who can repl to my question Please I have

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Is there anyone who can repl to my question? Please I have been waiting for one day with no response.

Hello, and thanks for the question.


I have the answers to the first exam you requested, #00382900 if you would like me to send those. I do not have answers to the other two.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Im sorry I haven't gotten back with you. My grandmother has been very sck. I'll post them rite now.
Okay, Please go ahead and post the questions.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Examination Number 00383001

Practical Exercise-Program Environment, and Guidence


1. You're a teacher in an area day care center. Before your children arrive each morning, you set up several areas with a variety of hands ons activities. As each child arrives, he or she chooses an activivty that intersts him or her. What type of curriculum organization are you using?

A. Behavior learning

B. Special needs

C. Adult-centered

D. Child-initated


2. Two year old Gerald is starting at your day care center tomorrow. His mother is going to back to work for the first time since Gerald was born. You have four groups at the center. In which group should you place Gerald?

A. a group of six toddlers

B. A group of 10 toddlers

C. A group of 10 preschoolers

D. A group of 15 preschoolers


3. Skip


4. Skip


Exzmination Figure


No. of units ordered items Cost per unit


1 Outdoor gym 360.00


1 Al. Pots and Pans 16.00


2 Doll cradles 40.00



5. Determine the cost of the equipment listed in Examination Figure 2. Then add 10 percent for shipping and five percent for sales tax (excluding shipping). What is your total cost? (Hint: First find the total amount of the items puchased. Then calculate the shipping and tax separately on that amount. Finally, add all three figures together.)

A. $477.40

B. $480.00

C. $524.40

D. $526.68


6. You're developed a file in which you keep pictures of differnt colored birds. One day you give the group of pictures to a preschooler and ask him to separate the pictures by the color all red birds in one pile, all the blue in another pile, and so on. He should then count the number of birds in each pile. What type of activity areas is he working?

A. Art

B. Science

C. Large motor skills

D. Mathematics


Questions 7-10 are based on the following scenario:


Carlos is playing in the sandbox. Thomas approaches the sandbox, observes Carlos for a moment, then knocks over the bucket Carlos has just filled with sand. Carlos pushes Thomas away saying, "Get out of here." Thomas begin to cry.


The goal of Thomas's behavior appears to be

A. attention

B. inadequacy

C. power

D. revenge


8. Wha's the first thing a sensitive caregiver would do?

A. Scold Carlos for pushing Thomas

B. Scold Thomas for knocking over the bucket

C. Askthe boys to talk about what has happened

D. Tell Carlos to let Thoms play


9. How would an authoritarian caregiver most likely solve the problem between Carlos and Thomas?

A. Help Carlos to refill his bucket.

B. Ask Carlos if Thomas can play too

C. Ignore the situation and let the boys resolve it

D. Tell Thomas he was bad to knock over the bucket and will have to leave the sandbox


10. How would an authoritative caregiver most likely solve the promblem between Carlos and Thomas?

A. same as 9

B. Same as 9

C. Same as 9

D. Same as 9


11. An appropriate science activity for an infant would be

A. weighing and measuring other infants

B. planting a flower

C. feeling different textured objects

D. caring for pets of the facitiy


12. An appropiate science activity for a toddler would be

A. reporting on the weather.

B. caring for pets of the facility

C. planting a flower

D. watching a science show on TV


13. Children with special needs should

A. be directed to lower age- level activites

B. have little interaction with others

C. be directed to appropiate age-level and developmental activities

D. have stricter discipline


14. Caregivers shouldn't allow dress-up play with hats when ________ is/are a problem.

A. cradle cap

B. dandruff

C. lice

D. psoriasis


15. When working with special needs/learning disabled children, caregivers should

A. provide positive role models for them

B. ignore their disabilities

C. try to do as much as possible for them

D. instruct other children to disregard them.





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