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I need some history help to anyone that can help Please!!!!

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I need some history help to anyone that can help Please!!!! I need it done by Tuesday october 11th morning (PST). Please when answering put question along with answer Thank You!!!!!

1. In 1947 , Congress created the _____________ to advise the president on national security issues.

2. In English, Iwo Jima translates as what?

3. What movie won the Academy award for Best Motion Picture in 1946?

4. What distinguished actor/ singer was All American footballer and Phi Beta Kappa at Rutgers U. From 1915-19?

5. On April 11, 1951 President Truman fired General MacArthur and replaced him with whom?

6. What notorious world leader died in March of 1953?

7. What was Fahrenheit 451?

8. What, concerning atomic power, happened in September of 1949 that shocked the American public?

9. Issued in Aprl of 1950, this paper argued the only way to prevent the USSR from dominating the world was containment and massive increase in defense spending.

10. This man was primarily responsible for defining thevAmerican policy of containment in 1946.

11. Name 2 of the Hollywood Ten.

Next 3 questions 4-5 sentences

1. Who was Francis Gary Powers and what role did he play in the cold war?

2. Why did Khrushchev denounce Eisenhower at the Summit Conference on the arms race on May 15, 1960?

3. Why do you think there was a boom in sience fiction durning the 1950's and early 60's.

Describe the background of President Dwight Eisenhower ( include brith date, place of birth, education, and date of death) list historical contributions or actions made by him. 2 paragraphs

1. What is the military-industrial complex that Eisenhower mentions?

2. What is the appropriate balance between "guns and butter" ( or between military and civilian needs) in the USA?

3. When and where did President Eisenhower deliver the warning (speech)?

Compare Truman and Eisenhower

. Leadership style
.Domestic policy
.3 accomplishments each


1. Social confromity


3. Rural

4. Suburban

5. "automania"

6. The drive-thru

7. Poverty line

8. Braceros

9. Termination policy

Writing and definitions

1. Give your opinions concerning the Langoria Inncident

2. Where was Felix Longoria buried?

3. Use a dictionary to define autonomy or autonomous

4. Use the dictionary to describe assimilate

5. Is native american autonomy better than native American assimilation into "whit" culture? Explain.

Next 10 questions please list the source

1. Who was howdy Doody's best partner and host for Howdys 1950's TV show?

2. What were the first names of the McDonald brothers who opened the 1st Mcdonalds drive -in?

3. Wha film won the Oscar for bestbpicture in 1955?

4. What actor portrayed XXXXX XXXXX on the TV show Father Knows Best?

5. Wha Idaho farm boy is given credit for inventing or developing TV? And around what year?

6. This TV host paid Elvis 50,000 for 3 performances but Elvis would only be shown from the waist up

7. Who was the first black to have a weekly 1/2 hour series on national television?

There will be a bonus please help!!
I can complete this for you today, but would need a total of $70 to complete as indicated. Please let me know so I can plan my day. THANKS! Kelvin (researchpro)
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
70 is too expensive for me sorry
OK, i understand, no problem.
DO you want me to answer the first 11 questions for $13?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
It's ok my bonus was gonna be 20 for all but thank u
It doesn't look like anyone is gonna help you. So I will help you as much as I can for the $33; I base it on length of time, etc. it takes to answer. Since I know this pretty well, I will do my best for you! Kelvin

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I am sorry you felt that asking to be paid for time and expertise is pushy. You would pay for a doctor or a lawyer, and your questions took a bit over 2 hours to complete. I am hoping you were able to use the answers, because that is important to me. If you felt that it was too much, you should have been comfortable saying no, and then working on the issues without help. I do feel that 28 for almost 3 hours of work is fair compensation for the number of questions asked. You received answers for 41+ questions, so you paid about $.70 per question - were the answers worth that from your perspective?