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Part B of lab 4 :)


PART 2. Virtual Lab - Enzymes [use Dropbox for 'Enzyme Lab Worksheet']
Go to the following web site which is the website for your textbook Mader's Concepts of Biology. You don't even have to sign in (I don't think!), as apparently you can simply click on the "Resources" tab that is at the top of the page (beside the "Home" tab). Then click on Chap 5, and click on Labs and Cases. Click on the Virtual Lab - Enzyme-Controlled Reactions. You will see a page with (1) Instructions, (2) the Laboratory Exercise, and (3) the Post Lab Quiz and Lab Report ('Lab Worksheet').  The page you will see should look like the page shown in the attachment to the FAQ/Discussions for LAB 4 (see the right-hand side of the screen).

Print the instructions page. Save the 'Lab Worksheet' page to your computer and put your answers and data as required on this as you go along (or at the end - copying the information from the computer screen with the actual lab info showing on it). Follow the directions and go through all of the LAB ACTIVITIES step by step. It's fun, and you can do it as many times as you like or you need to until you get the point of what's going on. Be sure to allow sufficient time for all of the animation to load before moving the next sample or proceeding to the next activity. Take special note of the GRAPH that is drawn from your Data in the Data Table (you must click on "Graph" to see it). This should help in answering the questions on the worksheet.

There are 14 questions to answer (actually 15 - they forgot to number #15).  There's a button to "send" to your instructor, but I don't think it is functional at this time so we will just stick with using the worksheet and sending it in through ecampus. Answer the questions on the worksheet, fill in your data on the table (using the info from the table in the experiment), save your worksheet to your computer, and then submit it to the Lab 4 Assignment Dropbox found at the bottom of this page.

when is this due?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Saturday :)
Ok, no problem. I'm workin on it.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks! :)

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