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13. The Fair Labor Standards Act a. Prohibits oppressive

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13. The Fair Labor Standards Act:
a. Prohibits oppressive child labor
b. Establishes minimum wage laws
c. Applies to all employees in the United States without exception
d. A and B

14. The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act prohibits debt collectors from…
a. Making abusive phone calls to debtors
b. Stating that debtors will be put in jail for failure to pay
c. Trying to collect more than what is owed
d. All of the above
15. One violation of The Fair Credit Billing Act could result in the credit card issuer losing _____.
a. $1000
b. $10000
c. $50000
d. $50
16. The Maguson-Moss Warranty Act:
a. Requires all products intended for consumer use to have a warranty.
b. Requires a warranty for all products not intended for consumer use.
c. Requires manufacturers of products intended for consumer use to have a warranty if the product will cost more than $10.
d. Does not require products to have warranties.
17. Which of the following are duties a principal owes to an agent?
a. Duties of loyalty and to account
b. Duties of compensation, reimbursement, and indemnity
c. To avoid conflicts of interest
d. None of the above.
18. Which of the following items can be copyrighted?
a. Artwork
b. Books
c. Movies
d. All of the above
19. The formulas for CHICK-FIL-A chicken sandwiches and PEPSI-COLA are examples of:
a. Trade secrets
b. Copyrights
c. Patents
d. Trademarks
20. A ______________ helps consumers to identify certain products with their manufacturers.
a. Copyright
b. Trademark
c. Patent
d. Trade secret

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