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10.Which of the following is a necessary element both for fraud

Resolved Question:

10.Which of the following is a necessary element both for fraud and for misrepresentation?

A. A fiduciary relationship
B. A hidden problem
C. The intent to deceive
D. A false statement

11.Natalie contracts with Paula to paint her house for $100. Paula pays Natalie, but Natalie has yet to paint. This contract is

A. executory as to Natalie's duty.
B. executed.
C. executory as to Paula's duty.
D. executory.

12.Jackie tells a group of friends that she plans to sell her home. Meg asks how much Jackie hopes to get for the house, and Jackie replies, "$50,000." Meg says, "I accept your offer. I'll purchase your house for $50,000." No contract exists because

A. Jackie doesn't seriously intend to enter a contract.
B. the terms of the offer aren't reasonably certain.
C. the offer isn't properly communicated.
D. Jackie's statements are merely preliminary negotiations.

13.Regan marries at age 17. Then, she enters into a contract with Art to purchase an automobile for $10,000. She later changes her mind and wants to void the contract. Which of the following is true?

A. Regan can void the contract because she is married.
B. Regan can void the contract because she is a minor.
C. Regan can't void the contract because she is over 15.
D. Regan can't void the contract because she is married.

14.Eric, a 17-year-old, signs a contract with the armed services to enlist. Later, XXXXX XXXXXes his mind and wants out of the contract. Can he void the contract based on incapacity to contract?

A. No
B. Yes
C. In some states
D. Yes, after he turns 18

15.Madison enters into a contract with a DVD club to purchase four DVDs during the coming year. The agreement provided that she would receive an advertisement listing the main selections, which would be sent to her automatically, unless she sent a reply to stop the shipment. The DVD club sent the first month's advertisement and Madison did nothing. When Madison later received the main selection for that month she complained that she hadn't accepted it. Must Madison pay for it?

A. No, because Madison didn't specifically order the goods.
B. Yes, because her silence in this case constituted acceptance.
C. No, because her silence in this case didn't constitute acceptance.
D. Yes, because the price is fair.

16.Manny says to Carmela, "I'll paint your house for $100." Carmela says "I accept, provided you also wash the windows." Under common law, the most likely result in this case is that there's

A. a contract to paint and wash for $100.
B. a contract to paint and wash for an amount yet to be determined.
C. no contract.
D. a contract to paint for $100.

17.Daisy contracts with Mike that in exchange for $50 Daisy won't whistle for a week. This contract is

A. enforceable only if Daisy is a musician who whistles for a living and would suffer significant income loss by not whistling for a week.
B. enforceable.
C. not enforceable due to lack of consideration.
D. unenforceable due to fraud.

18.Carrie decides to offer Shelley the opportunity to purchase her motorcycle for just $500. Carrie told Jim, a mutual friend of Shelley and her, that she intended to make the offer. Later, Carrie changes her mind. Shelley approaches Carrie and says she accepts the offer. No contract was formed most likely because

A. Jim was acting as an agent for Shelley without telling Carrie.
B. Carrie didn't possess a serious, objective intention.
C. the terms of the offer weren't definite enough to form a contract.
D. Carrie never communicated the offer to Shelley.

19.Ken threatens to tell everyone that Bob is a child molester unless Bob agrees to enter into a contract with Ken. Bob agrees and signs the contract. If Bob later challenges the contract, what are the best grounds for doing so?

A. Fraud
B. Misrepresentation
C. Emotional distress
D. Economic duress

20.Dave is declared insane and committed to an asylum. Dave escapes and goes to a car dealership, where he enters into a contract with Larry to buy a sports car. Which of the following statements is true?

A. Only Larry can void the contract.
B. To void the contract, Dave must prove he is insane.
C. Because Dave is legally insane, the contract is void.
D. Only Dave can void the contract.
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