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The purpose of the Discussion Board is to allow students to

Resolved Question:

The purpose of the Discussion Board is to allow students to learn through sharing ideas and experiences as they relate to course content and the DB question. Because it is not possible to engage in two-way dialogue after a conversation has ended, no posts to the DB will be accepted after the end of each week.

During recent political campaigns, taxes and budget policy were key issues. White House budget packages are often designed to stimulate economic growth. From the library or from, obtain a current summary of government spending and tax legislation signed by the president.
Write a brief description of the fiscal policy of the United States.
Would you describe it as "expansionary" or "contractionary"?
How can American consumers influence decision makers on fiscal policies?
Explain and discuss if and how this has changed over the past 5 years.

with refences
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  getsetgo replied 5 years ago.

getsetgo :


getsetgo :

Thanks for requesting me to answer this question.



getsetgo :

I am working on it


ok well i have to go to work now so i will check it when i get out ty

getsetgo :


getsetgo :

you are most welcome

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Expert:  getsetgo replied 5 years ago.

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