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The chairman of the board of Hanover Corporation, Jack Vu,

Customer Question

The chairman of the board of Hanover Corporation, Jack Vu, is in the process of evaluating the effectiveness of the board’s audit committee. Prepare a memorandum explaining the nature and responsibilities of an effective audit committee.
REMINDER: Your response will be graded for both technical content and writing skills. Technical content will be evaluated for information that is helpful to the intended reader and clearly relevant to the issue. Writing skills will be evaluated for development, organization, and the appropriate expression of ideas in professional correspondence. Use a standard business memo or letter format with a clear beginning, mid dle, and end. Do not convey information in the form of a table, bullet point list, or other abbreviated presentation.
To: Mr. Jack Vu, Chairman of the Board
Hanover Corporation
From: CPA Candidate
500 words. 10 dollars bonus.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  atluriram replied 5 years ago.

atluriram :


atluriram :

I have already submitted the answer for the said assignment

atluriram :

with regards

atluriram :

atluri ramesh

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