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In foraging societies, its common for . women to be hunters

Customer Question

In foraging societies, it's common for
. women to be hunters and men to be gatherers.

B. men to be the primary foragers.

C. men to be hunters and women to be gatherers.

D. members of both sexes to share equally in hunting and gathering.
Which of the following was the first known king of a city within Mesopotamia

B. Gilgamesh

C. Hammurabi

D. Sargon
By what means could rulers gain regular revenue from local trade

A. Raiding

B. Tolls and taxes

C. Leaving merchants alone

D. Buying goods from merchants
Neanderthals lived alongside Homo sapiens for thousands of years
A. and are believed to have interbred with humans.

B. and had larger brains than humans.

C. and are known to have continually fought each other.

D. but couldn't vocalize because they had smaller brains than humans.
The earliest agriculturists to migrate into Europe probably came from
the Americas.

B. Africa.

C. Asia.

D. Europe.

It's believed that the role of feasts in the Ice Age was to

A. strengthen group ties.

B. celebrate the resolution of serious conflicts.

C. celebrate weddings.

D. mark times when food was abundant

9. A key technological development that began around 500 B.C.E. in sub-Saharan Africa was

A. writing.

B. yam cultivation.

C. iron smelting.

D. monumental architecture

10. Among early hunting and gathering peoples, the commonly occurring mark that looks like a "P" is thought to stand for a

A. woman.

B. favored animal.

C. powerful male leader.

D. symbol for a calendar

The basis for the alphabet developed by the Greeks came from

A. Mesopotamia.

B. the Greeks themselves.

C. Phoenicia.

D. Egypt.

The expansion of agriculture can be traced across sub-Saharan Africa through the spread of the _______ language group.

A. Bantu

B. Semitic

C. Swahili

D. Ndebele

Much of the direct written evidence for the early period of the Zhou dynasty comes from inscriptions on

A. bamboo strips.

B. cups.

C. the walls of the kings' palaces.

D. oracle bones.

14. The root causes of the crisis that many states faced at the end of the second millennium B.C.E. were

A. migrations of foreigners and ecological fragility.

B. external invasions and unstable governments.

C. natural disasters and external invasions.

D. unstable governments and ecological fragility.

15. Wall paintings from Etruscan tombs depict a society that was seemingly

A. austere and sexually repressed.

B. segregated with respect to gender.

C. sexually open.

D. simple and didn't depict the human form.

The earliest evidence for the domestication of the horse is found in present-day

A. Malta.

B. Serbia.

C. Bulgaria.

D. Ukraine.

Which of the following is true regarding early agricultural societies?

A. The food supply became more reliable.

B. Diseases became less of a problem.

C. The diet became more varied.

D. Social and economic exploitation increased.

Civilizations in the Americas and sub-Saharan Africa were isolated from Eurasia mostly because of

A. culture.

B. lack of trade goods.

C. geography.

D. language.

19. El Niño affects the Andean region by

A. causing the seasonal rains to come at the wrong time.

B. decreasing the temperature.

C. causing drought.

D. causing torrential rains.

20. Earthquake activity didn't play a role in the collapse of _______ civilization.

A. Harappan

B. Egyptian

C. Minoan

D. Mycenaean
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Expert:  Ellen replied 5 years ago.

internetanswers :

In foraging societies, it's common for C. men to be hunters and women to be gatherers. D. members of both sexes to share equally in hunting and gathering

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