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1. Protected health information 2. Consent 3.

Resolved Question:

1. Protected health information
2. Consent
3. confidentiality
4. business associate
5. notice of information practices
6. doctrine of informed consent
7. release of information
8. substituted consent

a. preventing the inappropriate disclosure of patient-specific health information
b. written description of how's patient's health information may be used
c. consent made for a legally incompetent patient by an authorized person
d. outside contractor who provides services to healthcare providers and requires access to PHI
e. health information in any medium that allows the patient to be identified as the subject
f. written authorization to disclose PHI
g. consent to undergo medical treatment after being relevant information
h. agreement
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Chris M. replied 6 years ago.

Hello, and thanks for the question.


1. e

2. h

3. a

4. d

5. b

6. g

7. f

8. c


Hope this helps!

Chris M. and 4 other Homework Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.


Is there a way i can send you more questions and attach it for you? If so let me know i have more if you can help me with. thanks

Expert:  Chris M. replied 6 years ago.
Yes, just begin your post with "For Chris M."
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
ok it will be tomrroww till post the questions i will post on this thanks.
Expert:  Chris M. replied 6 years ago.

OK, I'll have a look at these and assist if I am able.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Questions for Chris to do
1. Congress
2. Medicare
3. Medicaid
4. Veto
5. Adjudicate
6. Precedent
7. Plaintiff
8. Defendant
9. Privacy
10. Statute
11. Consent
12. Judiciary
13. Authorship
14. Authorization
15. Authentication
a. Court system
b. The person who initiates a lawsuit
c. Previous court decisions
d. Reject
e. The right to control person information
f. Health insurance for low-income families
g. A person who is facing legal action
h. Role of the person who makes an entry into the record
i. Health insurance for the elderly and disabled
j. Agreement
k. Permission from the patient allowing healthcare provider to disclose PHI
l. Resolve
m. The legislature of the united states
n. Confirmation of the content and accuracy of an entry into the record
o. Law written by legislature

16. Discover
17. General medical record
18. Specialized patient record
19. Patient notice
20. Evidence
21. Release of information
22. Court order
23. Privilege
a. Written summary of federal laws and regulations about the release of information
b. Anything presented to prove or disprove a claim
c. The legal right to keep some information confidential
d. Health information related to substance abuse, genetic testing, or HIV status
e. The process in which each party to the lawsuit requests documents and other evidence
f. Command that a court issues
g. Authorization for disclosure of information that would otherwise be prohibited.
h. Record containing medical facts
i. Document that permits dissemination of health information

Fill in the Blank
24. Preventing the inappropriate disclosure of health information protects _________
25. ______ confirms the content and accuracy of an entry into a medical record.
26. An individual or agency that performs a service and uses personal health information on behalf of a health care provider is called a(n)________
27. _____ is the sum of money that is recovered in court as financial remedy for an injury.
28. Upon admission, substance abuse treatment programs must give a (n) ____ that describes confidentiality requirements.
29. ____ is a process that scans paper-based documents with a device, Images can then be saved and viewed on a server or We Browser
30. The failure to meet a particular standard of care is known as________
31. 2 Federal acts that protect general privacy rights are the _____ act and the _____ act.
32. A______ is a document, written while a patient is competent, that gives instructions regarding medical care in the event the patient becomes unable to make decisions.
33. When a surgeon describes the nature of an upcoming surgery and its associated risks he is fulfilling his legal duty to obtain______
34. The principle of ___ requires that healthcare providers make reasonable efforts to disclose the least amount of patient-specific health information to satisfy a stated purpose or request.
35. HIM (health information management) professionals are sometimes called to testify in court as witnesses of their facility’s record keeping processes. When doing so, they are acting as the _______
36. ____ can be claimed in court to prevent the forced disclosure of information a patient revealed to his doctor during medical appointments
37. ____ is any document , record, object, testimony or other item presented to prove pr disapprove a fact
38. A command from a court or other authority to produce documents is a ______
39. The most commonly used to exception to the hearsay rule is _______
40. A subpoena that requires a person to appear in court is called a ______
41. The category of health information that includes patient records for individuals undergoing treatment for substance abuse or mental illness is referred to as ______
42. HIPPA specifically prohibits insurance companies from using_____ information, without a diagnosis of a condition, as a preexisting condition to deny coverage.
43. The failure to do something that a reasonable person would do under the same circumstances is known as_______
44. HIPPA requires that every patient be given a _____, a form that defines how the provider can use PHI and outlines patient rights about use and disclosure
45. Assault and battery, defamation and invasion and privacy are all examples of _______
46. Serving the physician-patient relationship without notice is _______
47. When statues and regulations prohibit the release of health information, a _____ must be sought for the information to be used in court.
48. Corporate negligence is an example of a ________
49. Standards that govern whether and when certain kinds of evidence is presentable for a judge or jury during court proceedings are called _______
50. ____ is the use of electronic communications and information technology to provide or support patient care from a distance.
51. Imagine that a doctor claims a medical record is complete and accurate when a patient requests a change. The doctor tells the patient in writing and must inform the patient of her right to add a ______ to her medical file
52. There are 2 types of security that must be adhered to when working with the Computerized Patient Record; they are ____ security.
53. _____ combine personal and physical security concepts to protect the integrity of computerized patient records.
54. When a medical facility destroys records that are old and over the legal and recommended date to retain, they must keep on file a ______
Write a paragraph on this question
55. Why is it important for an HIM professional to understand the legal system?
56. The function of physician-patient privilege is to protect them ___ from___
a. Healthcare worker, liability
b. Patient, libel and slander
c. Healthcare facility, wrongful disclosure lawsuits
d. Healthcare worker, forced disclosure of information
57. A medical record is not used as evidence in court to ____
a. Make credentialing decisions
b. Discipline healthcare workers for wrongful actions
c. Make a judgment on a person’s health
d. Decide both civil and criminal cases
58. A Medical record is considered hearsay because it
A. entries are not subject to cross-examination
B. is not admissible evidence
C. does not meet foundation requirements
D, breaches physician- patient privilege
58. Hippa says genetic information____.
a. Can be used to decide preexisting conditions for health insurance
b. Can’t be used to decide preexisting conditions for health insurance
c. Can be used by healthcare workers to increase diagnostic surveillance
d. Not applicable. HIPAA does not address genetic information
59. In a substance abuse facility, patient identification is prohibited unless the facility____.
a. Is not solely a substance abuse facility
b. Does not acknowledge the patient as a substance abuser
c. Both A and B
d. Neither A nor B
60. Which of the following statements is false about specialized health records?
a. They require stricter confidentiality rules.
b. They demand a separate file from a general medical record
c. Often. A court order must accompany a subpoena for release
d. They apply in both acute and non-acute care settings
61. A health information manager can release a general medical record upon the receipt of a
a. Court order
b. Subpoena
c. Subpoena duces tecum
d. Any of the above
62. Admissible evidence must ____
a. Related to the case at hand
b. Be filled out during normal course of business
c. Meet set court rules
d. All of the above
63. Imagine you are an HIM professional and you have been called to testify as a custodian of records. In court, you will probably be asked to
a. Show proof of your facility’s credentials
b. Give details on a specific medical record
c. Explain your policies and procedures for keeping records
d. Describe standards of care within your facility
64. Which of the following statement is false about privilege?
a. Information exchanged in a physician-patient relationship is privileged.
b. Privileged information is always protected, even if other information in the medical record is released.
c. With written patient permission, or a waiver, privileged information can be used at trail
d. The physician-patient privilege can be waived in several circumstances
65. ___ serve as a base for state laws and regulations on home health care.
b. AHIMA guidelines
c. Licensing requirements
d. Medicare Conditions of Participation
66. HIV information is protected, but exceptions do occur. To notify____ of HIV status is not a valid, legal exception
A. Coworkers
B. Teachers of a minor student who is HIV-positive
C. Foster parents of a HIV-positive minor child
D. Sexual partners
67. Which is false statement about subpoenas? Subpoenas____________
a. Always need to be a accompanied by a court order to release drug and alcohol information
b. Can be quashed
c. Can’t be challenged
d. Sometimes come with a witness fee
e. Do not replace a patient’s written authorization
68. When releasing medical records, an HIM professional
a. Must consult with legal counsel each time
b. Can choose to release part of the record, holding back confidential information
c. Can simply not respond if the subpoena isn’t complete
d. Has ultimate authority over whether or not to release records
69. As an HIM manager, you’ll handle ___ the most when answering requests for health information
a. Subpoenas duces tecum
b. Subpoena ad testifcandum
c. Court orders
d. Waivers
70. Consent to disclose health information must
a. Be written in legal language
b. Inform the patient that her information will be shared to complete billing process
c. Be signed each time a patient sees her doctor
d. All of the above
71. A dual court system
a. Has both federal and state judiciaries
b. Has both state and municipal judiciaries
c. Differs from the system in the US
d. Describes the 2 tiers of the trial and appellate courts
72. While sedated, John falls from his hospital bed. His nurse had forgotten to put the bed rails up, John initiates legal action against the hospital. He files
A, civil lawsuit
B. criminal lawsuit
C, liability suit
d. Insurance claim
E. both a and c
73. How dies statutory law differ from administrative law?
a. Statutory law apples at the federal level, while administrative law applies at the state level
b. Statutory law apples at the state level, while an administrative law applies at the federal level.
c. Statutory law is established by a legislature, while administrative law is established by an administrative agency.
d. Statutory law is established by an administrative agency, while administrative law is established by a legislature
74. The HIPPA protects
A. workers against losing health insurance when they lose their jobs
B, workers against losing health insurance when they change jobs
C. the confidentiality of health information
d. All of the above
75. What is the correct sequence for the establishment of administrative law?
a. Bill proposal ____> publication in Code of Federal Regulation ___ notification and comments
b. Notification -- proposal and comments- publication in Code of Federal Regulation
c. Proposal and comments - publication in Federal Register-- notification
d. Bill proposal-- notification and comments- publication in Code of Federal Regulation
76. The function of the cabinet is to
A. approves or rejects laws
B. writes legislation
C... advise the president
D. interpret laws
77. The main role of the executive branch of the US government is to
A. interpret laws
B. approves or rejects laws
C. writes legislation
D. enforce laws
78. Federal judges in the US are nominated by the president and confirmed by the Senate. What principle does this process illustrate?
a. Separation of powers
b. Separation of church and state
c. Checks and Balances
d. Compliance
79. A court case is resolved by
A, dismissal by the judge
B. default judgment
C, judgment by the jury
D. all of the above
80. Discovery includes
A. filing of a complaint by a plaintiff
B. gathering facts with interrogatories and depositions
C. rendering of a judgment by a jury
D. serving a witness with a subpoena
81. The stages through which a lawsuit passes are known as
A, the legal process
B, litigation
C. the court system
D, civil justice
82. A formal request that a record be produced is called
A. court order
B, subpoena duces tecum
C. request for admission
D. subpoena ad testificandum
83. Another term for common law is
a. Statutory law
B. administrative law
C. executive law
D. case law
84. A record created, authenticated, and stored on a computer is
A. digitally imaged record
B, computerized patient record
C. digitally mastered record
D. computer imaging record
85. The difference between a consent form and release of information form is that
A, a consent form is a general release that allows the record to be used for health care and reimbursement, and a release of information form authorizes the release of specific patient information
B. a consent form is a blanket release for doctors to share information and a release of information form allows doctors to share information with 3rd parties
C. there is no difference. The terms are interchangeable
D. consent is dictated by HIPAA, the release of information form is not
86. The doctrine of carious liability, in which a healthcare organization is responsible for the negligent acts of its employees, is also known as
A. res ipsa loquitor
b. Respondent superion
c. corporate negligence
d. business association
87. The physician-patient relationship begin when
a. payment for treatment is given
b, treatment is rendered
c. the physician agrees to provide care
d. the patient request care
88. The ___ statues protect Emergency responders from liability
a. first responder protection
b. respondent superior
c. Good Samaritan
d. governmental immunity
89. Res ipsa loquitur is rarely used because
a. too many patients claim negligence in emergencies
b. hospitals don’t have the same duty to a patient as a doctor
c. there is no duty to provide care to a patient unless it is an emergency
d. without evidence, it’s hard to prove negligence
90. ___ is not used interchangeably with medical record
a. Clinical record
b. Health History
c. Patient Record
d. CPR( Computerized patient record)
91. Information ownership laws are guided by
a. statutes
b. licensing requirements
c. judicial decisions
d. all of the above
92. HIPPA___ on patient privacy
a. provides national privacy standards
b. provides care and privacy statutes
c. defines PHI but gives no laws
d. sets consent and authorization laws
83. As a health information manager at a university hospital that conducts research, you should ensure that all
a. patients give consents
b. requests are approved by the IRB
c. requests are in layperson’s terms
d. Both A and B
84. Disclosure of communicable disease to public health authorities is an example of a
a. consent agreement
b. exception to prior consent
c. authorization for disclosure
d. notice of information practices.
85. )___ establishes that a record was made in the ordinary course of business, at or near the time of an event and by a person with direct knowledge.
a. Privilege
b. Foundation
c. Trustworthiness
d. Confidentiality
86. When presented with a subpoena, the first step an HIM professional should take is to
a. produces all documents the subpoena requests
b. make every effort to comply wit he the order if it doesn’t break any laws or regulations.
c. call the facility’s legal department
d. sends a request for a patient authorization form
87. The ___ is not specialized patient record
a. record of a person undergoing treatment for alcoholism
b, medical information for a patient receiving mental health care
c. record of a politician undergoing heart surgery
d. documentation of a patient’s genetic information
88. A clinician’s personal record of a psychiatry patient
A. needs a separate court order to be released
B. is included in the official record
C. is separate from the official record
D. both a and c
89. ____ are not a source of law that guide the contents of the medical record
a. Federal and state statutes
b. Joint Commission regulations
c. Professional guidelines
d. Both B. and C

Expert:  Chris M. replied 6 years ago.

Hello, and thanks for the question.


I can do 1-23 (the matching). For the rest, I would suggest you list the "fill in the blanks" and the multiple choice questions in separate new posts. Let me know if you want the first 23.

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
not thanks chriss i will post in separate thanks though
Expert:  Chris M. replied 6 years ago.
You're welcome. Good luck!
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
ok im sorry you can do 1-23 sorry. thanks
Expert:  Chris M. replied 6 years ago.
OK, I'll send these shortly.
Expert:  Chris M. replied 6 years ago.

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Chris M. and 4 other Homework Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
do u do icd-9 coding?
Expert:  Chris M. replied 5 years ago.
I've done some of these ICD-9 coding assignments. Post your questions and I'll have a look at them.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
do you have an e-mail address i can send you the file?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
do you have an e-mail address i can send you the file? I have send it to [email protected] you should be able to recieve this. thanks
Expert:  Chris M. replied 5 years ago.
We can't use email for communication, but you can upload the questions to a file-sharing service such as MediaFire. Upload the question file and you will be given a share link. Click on "Copy Link" and paste it in your reply.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
ok will do but it will be monday till i can post the link
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
i will try to post tonight b/c i can't access mediafire is there any other programs i can share?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Expert:  Chris M. replied 5 years ago.

Hello Niraj,


Sorry, but these are beyond my expertise. I would suggest that you post Assignment #6, that you need corrected, and the final exam as separate questions. Hopefully one of the Homework experts with more expertise in medical coding will be able to assist you. Good luck!

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
k thanks!!!!!

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