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Worth $40 + tip NEED BACK BY TODAY ASAP! Instructions

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Worth: $40 + tip NEED BACK BY: TODAY ASAP 5.20.11
Instructions: This is best done by being complete with your writing, and providing details and examples. I would recommend 3-5 very well-developed paragraphs. For submissions use only good sources, and are properly cited and referenced in APA format. 1. Plants originated in the water, then moved to land. In order to do this, plants had to evolve a number of important structures that enabled their survival on land. Describe the structural changes that had to happen to support this move and discuss the functional importance of each of these structures to the environmental changes the plants had to face. 2. List and describe the primary characteristics that all plants share that define them as plants. 3. Consider the changes that occurred both structurally and functionally as plants evolved to their modern forms. If you were to discover a totally new plant to you, what characteristics would you look for to determine which group of modern plants it belonged to? 4. Describe the general pattern of alternation of generation in plants. Use the South University online library and the Internet to explore why thgametophyte has been reduced to a part (or parasite) of the sporophyte as plants have evolved. Present and defend your findings. NEED BACK BY: ASAP TOday 5.20.11 Optional Information: Level/Year: JR in College Subject: Biology 2
Hello, I just saw this assignment and its 30 minutes to midnight Eastern Time. Do you have a later time or time zone?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I am eastern time but would still love for you to answer my questions. I am struggling in this class and am having a hard time understanding the material. I will need you to respond asap as it is due today (Saturday 5.21.11)
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Hi Will you still be helping me with this assignment? I need to know asap as I am going to be away from my computer off and on all day.

Yes, I will have it back for you today. Thanks!
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank You!!! Your are amazing! Is there a specific time I should be expecting the answers? Can I get it back before 4pm eastern time today?
Can you give me until 5 pm eastern? Plant evolution is a tough one to research.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Yes, 5pm eastern will be just fine!

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