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A. Identify the best answer to the questions noted below

Resolved Question:

A. Identify the best answer to the questions noted below:

1) Phlebitis:
A. Narrowing of a valve with inflammation
B. Inflammation of a capillary
C. Blockage of a heart valve
D. Inflammation of a vein
E. Narrowing of an artery

2) Cyanosis:
A. Bluish coloration of the skin
B. Yellow coloration of the skin
C. Associated with a hemangioma
D. A form of atherosclerosis
E. Associated with increased oxygen in the blood

3) Petechiae:
A. Small, pinpoint hemorrhages
B. Vegetations
C. Dilation of large vessels
D. Defects, or holes in heart septa
E. Hemorrhoids

4) ECHO:
A. Dye is injected into the blood and x-rays are taken of the heart
B. Catheter is positioned in a vein and guided into the heart
C. A stress test of cardiac function is performed
D. High-frequency sound waves are transmitted into the chest
E. Electricity is measured as it flows through the heart

5) Removal of plaque from the inner lining of an artery:
A. Endarterectomy
B. Arteriography
C. Aneurysmectomy
D. Ventriculotomy
E. Valvuloplasty

6) Patent means:
A. Deoxygenated
B. Oxygenated
C. Open
D. Closed
E. Half-closed

7) Stridor occurs in which upper respiratory disorder?
A. Croup
B. Diphtheria
C. Ashtma
D. Epistaxis
E. Pheumonia

B. Give meanings for the following medical terms:

1) anosmia
2) phrenic
3) purulent
4) rales
5) auscultation
6) pulmonary infarction
7) pneumothorax
C. Identify the medical terms from the definitions given:

1) Infectious disease marked by increased numbers of leukocytes and enlarged cervical lymph nodes
2) Reduction in red cells due to excessive destruction
3) Failure of blood cell production due absence of formation of bone marrow cells
4) Excessive bleeding caused by hereditary lack of factor VIII or factor IX necessary for blood clotting
5) Lack of mature erythrocytes caused by inability to absorb vitamin B12 into the body
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Chris M. replied 5 years ago.

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