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1. Lou and Jose are music majors who will soon give their final

Resolved Question:

1. Lou and Jose are music majors who will soon give their final recitals. Lou sees her recital as an opportunity for her talent to be discovered. Jose, on the other hand, sees his recital as a chance to make an embarrassing mistake in front of important people. Lou's and Jose's reactions to the stressor of their recitals will probably be different because the two musicians differ in their ______.
A) coping resources
B) level of social support
C) problem-focused coping
D) appraisal of the stressor
2. Research on the predictability of stressors has shown that ______.
A) unpredictable stressors cause less physiological arousal
B) predictability provides complete protection against stressors
C) predictable stressors have less impact than unpredictable ones have
D) intense stressors tend to be more predictable than mild stressors are
3. Renata is constantly having conflicts with another employee at work. To reduce the stress caused by these conflicts, Renata has decided to ask the boss for help in eliminating the source of conflict. Renata is most clearly exhibiting ______.
A) a growth orientation
B) person-focused coping
C) a deficiency orientation
D) emotion-focused coping
E) problem-focused coping
4. Seena is extremely nervous about an exam she has tomorrow. To relieve her stress, she decides to stop thinking about the exam and she spends her evening watching television instead. Seena is using ______ coping method.
A) a task-oriented
B) a person-oriented
C) a problem-focused
D) an emotion-focused
5. Which of the following is known to reduce stress and prevent depression during stressful periods?
A) low self-efficacy
B) isolation from others
C) strong social support networks
D) overly concerned and protective families
6. Of the following statements, which is the best explanation of how social support helps prevent illness?
A) It provides one with an outlet for inner emotions.
B) It takes one's mind off stressors.
C) It encourages one to engage in healthy practices.
D) It eliminates the need for self-expression
7. A person with a disease-resistant personality most likely ______.
A) avoids thinking about stressors
B) views stressors as threats instead of challenges
C) relies mainly on emotion-focused coping strategies
D) has the personality characteristic of dispositional optimism
8. Mark and Lisa are in the middle of a heated argument. Research on gender differences in stress responses suggests that ______.
A) Mark is more likely than Lisa is to make use of his social support network after the argument
B) Mark and Lisa are equally likely to make use of their social support networks after the argument
C) Mark is more likely than Lisa is to display intense emotional and behavioral responses during the argument
D) Mark and Lisa are equally likely to display intense emotional and behavioral responses during the argument
9. Which of the following statements about longitudinal research and personality is FALSE?
A) Parental divorce and unstable marriages were linked to shorter life spans for participants in the Terman Life Cycle Study.
B) Differences in personality traits caused longer life spans, according to Friedman's analysis of the Terman Life Cycle Study.
C) Conscientiousness—that is, being dependable—was linked to longer life spans, according to Friedman's analysis of the Terman Life Cycle Study.
D) Data was collected on the ?Termites? through questionnaires and interviews of the Termites themselves, as well as with their teachers, parents, and other relatives.
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Category: Homework
Expert:  Chris M. replied 5 years ago.

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