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1. (TCO 4) Three commonly used methods of evaluating marketing

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1. (TCO 4) Three commonly used methods of evaluating marketing programs are (Points: 5)
        sales analysis, marginal analysis, and cost analysis.
        sales analysis, profitability analysis, and marketing audits.
        marketing ROI, metrics, and dashboards.
        sales audits, cost audits, and marketing audits.
        internal audits, external audits, and marketing control boards.

2. (TCO 1) Ideally, in effective marketing planning, goals should be __________ in terms of what is to be accomplished and when. (Points: 5)
        loose and vague
        as general as possible
        flexible or elastic
        quantified and measurable
        none of the above

3. (TCO 3) Which marketing strategy focuses its efforts on a single product line and market segment? (Points: 5)
        full coverage
        market specialization
        product specialization
        selective specialization
        market-product concentration

4. (TCO 1) Based on relative competitive scope (broad target to narrow target) and source of competitive advantage (lower cost to differentiation), Porter's four generic business strategies are differentiation, cost focus, differentiation focus, and (Points: 5)
        quality focus.
        cost leadership.
        service leadership.

5. (TCO 2) Which of the following pieces of information is used in the implementation phase of the strategic marketing process? (Points: 5)
        corporate return on investment
        Gantt charts
        revenues associated with each point of market share
        trends in past and current revenues for industry and competitors in total and by segment
        possible cannibalization effects on other products in the line

6. (TCO 6) Which of the following pieces of information is used in a SWOT analysis, the first step of the planning phase of the strategic marketing process? (Points: 5)
        corporate return on investment
        market share for the product
        revenues associated with each point of market share
        projection of future sales, expenses, and profits
        possible cannibalization effects on other products in the line

7. (TCO 3) When developing the advertising program, which step helps advertisers with other choices in the process such as selecting media and evaluating a campaign? (Points: 5)
        identify the target audience
        specify the advertising objectives
        design the advertising
        pretest the advertising
        schedule the advertising program

8. (TCO 2) The proper blend of elements in the promotional mix depends on the type of product. The three specific characteristics to be considered are complexity, risk, and__________. (Points: 5)
        Ancillary services.

9. (TCO 4) At which stage in the product life cycle would your promotional objective be to persuade the consumer to buy the product rather than substitutes? (Points: 5)

10. (TCO 2) The __________ includes advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relations and direct marketing. (Points: 5)
        promotion channel
        communication chain
        marketing matrix
        promotional mix
        media mix

11. (TCO 8) Which of the following statements about the terms used for marketing intermediaries is true? (Points: 5)
        The most precise terms used to describe marketing intermediaries are dealer and distributor.
        A retailer sells to consumers.
        An agent has no legal authority to act on behalf of a manufacturer.
        A wholesaler is an intermediary who sells to consumers.
        A broker is a synonym for a dealer.

12. (TCO 7) Price fixing is (Points: 5)
        an arrangement a manufacturer makes with a reseller to handle only its products and not those of a competitor.
        the practice of charging a very low price for a product with the intent of driving competitors out of business.
        the practice of charging different prices to different buyers for goods of like grade and quality.
        a conspiracy among firms to set prices for a product.
        a seller's requirement that the purchaser of one product also buy another product in the line.

13. (TCO 2) Pricing objectives may change depending on (Points: 5)
        the financial position of the company as a whole.
        the success of company products.
        the segments in which the company is doing business.
        where the company is doing business by country.
        all of the above.

14. (TCO 3) The ratio of perceived benefits to __________ is called value. (Points: 5)
        prestige value
        value-added pricing
        value analysis
        perceived costs

15. (TCO 6) Market segmentation involves aggregating prospective buyers into groups that have common needs and will (Points: 5)
        pay attention to marketing messages.
        respond similarly to a marketing action.
        be responsive to marketing research.
        use the same payment methods.
        go shopping on a regular basis.

16. (TCO 5) A company engaged in environmental scanning is (Points: 5)
        taking into account the effect its marketing activities can have on plants and animals in our environment.
        continually acquiring information on events occurring outside the organization to identify and interpret potential trends.
        maintaining a time constant horizon in its strategic planning process.
        maintaining retail customer databases.
        requiring all employees to spend time outside the office to avoid the ivory tower syndrome.

17. (TCO 1) A key role of the marketing department is to (Points: 5)
        allocate financial resources across business units.
        set the overall mission of the company.
        provide talent management services.
        look outward.
        assess global political situations.

18. (TCO 1) Which of the following acts as a barrier to the development of relationship marketing? (Points: 5)
        the large number of one-to-one relationships customers are asked to sustain
        the large number of products on the market
        the increasing number of retail stores that are closing
        the changing regulatory environment
        diluted cultural diversity

1. (TCO 1) Your neighbor is tired of conventional soft drinks and wants something different. Coincidentally, Cadbury Beverages, Inc. has begun distributing Country Time lemonade through the supermarket at a price comparable to that of soft drinks. Which of the conditions needed for marketing to occur is described in this situation? (Points: 8)
        The creation of unrealized needs
        Two parties with unsatisfied needs
        One-way communication
        A physical location for an exchange to take place
        Time and place utility

2. (TCO 6) Which of the following is the BEST description of the target market for the latest Disney animated movie?

(Points: 8)
        Everyone who can afford to buy a movie ticket
        Everyone who likes movies
        Professionals who are parents of children between the ages of 6 and 12
        People who collect movie memorabilia
        People who live near a movie theater

3. (TCO 3) The owners of Old School Brand Authentic Antique Foods researched Civil War records to come up with recipes used in the old-fashioned cookies the company produces and markets. This statement deals with which part of the marketing mix?

(Points: 8)

4. (TCO 5) The Lemon Tree is a high-fashion boutique selling top-of-the-line women's clothing and accessories. The keys to its success include knowing the customers' changing tastes and providing something different from other retailers. In addition, because of the high value of the merchandise, The Lemon Tree's management is exploring the use of computerized inventory controls and sales order processing. From this description, one can infer that the environmental category of least importance to The Lemon Tree is

(Points: 8)

5. (TCO 7) A car collector, Mr. F. Hansen, who said his 1975 Chevrolet Corvette was certified as the last Corvette convertible to be produced, sued General Motors to stop it from manufacturing any more of the convertible sports cars. The suit also requested $1.5 million in damages. Hansen claimed he bought the car for its collector's value. It came with a letter from GM dated August 25, 1975, that said the car was "the last Corvette convertible that General Motors Corp. would ever manufacture". Hansen said the value of his car has been decreasing ever since GM resumed manufacturing Corvette convertibles in 1985. If the court ruled in favor of Mr. Hansen, what general type of regulation would such a ruling represent?

(Points: 8)
        Protecting companies from one another
        Protecting consumers from unfair trade practices
        Protecting the future interests of society from dangerous business practices
        Protecting consumers from one another
        Protecting businesses from unfair consumer practices

6. (TCO 6) Mile High Frozen Foods is a distributor for McDonalds. They also bake the buns used by McDonalds in several states. They purchase flour, yeast, sesame seeds, manufacture the buns and then distribute them to the retail stores. Mile High Frozen Foods is operating in a(n) __________ market.

(Points: 8)

7. (TCO 1) Several years ago, SwissAir made some unwise investments to pay for a planned expansion. As a result, the company had to make some cost-cutting moves that alienated its customers. Eventually the company declared bankruptcy, regrouped and found itself able to resume business. Its board of directors recently announced that the company would resume flying if it could prove that the airlines could regain at least 75 percent of its lost customers. It decided to allot $50,000 to determine the probability that its former customers would fly on the airline again and what methods requiring little or no money could be used to increase that probability. This description represents which stage in the marketing research approach? (Points: 8)
        Define the problem
        Develop the research plan
        Collect relevant information
        Develop findings
        Take marketing actions

8. (TCO 3) When Marine Midland Bank sent market researchers with surveys door-to-door in the neighborhoods of their branch banks to ask people with savings accounts why they did not also have checking accounts and credit cards with Marine Midland, they were gathering __________ data. (Points: 8)

9. (TCO 4) A 3M researcher worked with university students to develop the Post-it Flag Highlighter. His team evaluated the technical feasibility of the proposed design and whether the idea met the new-product objectives. In which stage of the new-product process was this product? (Points: 8)
        Idea generation
        Screening and evaluation
        Business analysis
        New-product strategy development
        Concept testing

10. (TCO 4) In the 1960s, television westerns were extremely popular. The shows were adventure shows with settings and costumes that were very unlike what really existed. There was Bonanza, Wagon Train, The Virginian, Laramie, etc. When viewers gradually stopped watching this category of programs, production companies found the networks no longer wanted to televise such shows. The television western as a product category entered the __________ stage.

(Points: 8)

11. (TCO 8) When the Avon representative sells cosmetics door-to-door, it is an example of which type of marketing channel? (Points: 8)
        Direct channel
        Indirect channel
        Strategic channel alliances
        Marketing channel
        Dual distributive channel

12. (TCO 2) Disney is using an integrated marketing communications program (IMC) to promote group travel to its theme parks because (Points: 8)
        Its strategy includes using all types of promotional activities that deliver a consistent message
        It does not want to reach any member of its target audience more than once

        IMC is less expensive than other forms of promotion such as public service announcements
        If it didn't, Disney would have to use indirect personal selling
        It is more concerned about frequency than reach

13. (TCO 2) When a news story covers a terrible disaster and viewers are asked to send donations to the American Red Cross, the American Red Cross is receiving (Points: 8)
        Direct marketing
        Personal selling
        A public service announcement

14. (TCO 8) Assume McDonald's is engaging in a market penetration strategy. Which of the following actions best illustrates a market penetration strategy?

(Points: 8)
        Opening the first McDonald's in China
        Developing a line of McDonald's toys to be sold through Toys R Us stores
        Adding a line of new deli sandwiches to the menu of existing McDonald's stores
        Running a promotion based on the Monopoly game, whereby customers have a chance to win prizes with each purchase
        Removing slow-moving products from its menus

15. (TCO 5) Policy makers at the Fed believe it takes a far bigger swing in unemployment to affect inflation than it did 25 years ago. Now, when inflation fluctuates, they are more likely to blame other factors such as the price of oil. This is an example of a(n) __________ environmental force. (Points: 8)

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