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Explain the difference between common law rape and modern statutes

Resolved Question:

Explain the difference between common law rape and modern statutes describing sexual assault. What does it mean to say that a rape statute is “not gender specific”?

Written response should contain a minimum 200 word response.

Make certain that all of your sources (including your textbook) are referenced at the end of the written response and that directly quoted information within your written response is cited to show the difference between your ideas and the exact words of your sources.
General encyclopedias are prohibited sources. They are NOT to be used.

Examples of prohibited sources include, but are not limited to, Wikipedia, Encarta, and World Book.
It is suggested (although not required) that these references and citations be put in APA Style.

Ensure a reference page along with cited sources are indicated in the body of written responses.

This assignment is due tomorrow afternoon .

Thank you for assistance in answering this question.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Chris12 replied 6 years ago.

Chris12 :

# XXXXX refs? Due date and time? Is additional information needed to complete the assignment?

JACUSTOMER-5of96won- :


JACUSTOMER-5of96won- :


Chris12 :

Here's the assignment. If you need help in the future please let me know.

Chris12 :

Rape in common law is forcible, deceptive, performed while female is asleep/unconscious or with a non-competent female. Also, the female in question is not the male’s legal wife. Traditionally the law is written using the terms forcible “against the will” of the female or “without her consent”. It is clearly defined that the male is the only perpetrator and the female is the only victim in the crime ( This type of thinking is centered on society’s idea of what women and men are capable of doing. In the mind of society this crime can only be committed by a male because they are more aggressive than docile females. Furthermore, the role that females play in society is that of nurturer and caregiver. It would be completely out of the female’s character to perform a violent act such as rape.

According to Renton 1995, sexual assault involves any forms of unwanted sexual touching which doesn’t have to be forced. The law remains the same concerning the consent and awareness of the female. All forms of sexual penetration are taking into consideration and now include both the victim and the perpetrator. Sexual assault can also include groping, assault/battery and attempted rape.


References Chapter 25 Rape. Retrieved Dec 1, 2010, from

Renton, Lord. (1995 November 1). The Evolution of Modern Statue Law And Its Future. Retrieved Dec 1, 2010, from

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