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1. Charles Darwin is considered a pioneer in the study of child psychology

Resolved Question:

1. Charles Darwin is considered a pioneer in the study of child
psychology because he
A. compared animal and human behavior in infancy.
B. studied children at play.
C. maintained a “baby diary.”
D. kept a detailed record of his wife’s pregnancies.
2. If you’re in search of the Freudian id, you’ll need to search the
A. preconscious.
B. conscious awareness.
C. unconscious.
D. the preconscious or the unconscious.
3. The biological drives and demands for instant gratification are part of Freud’s
A. superego. C. ego.
B. unconscious. D. oral stage.
4. If you go through a period of serious soul searching, Erik Erikson would say you’re
A. engaged in an identity crisis. C. searching for the self in others.
B. lacking love. D. developing a mental disorder.
5. As a student of Erikson, you realize that your search for independence is a challenge
A. mistrust versus trust. C. initiative versus guilt.
B. autonomy verses shame and doubt. D. industry versus inferiority.
6. By introducing the concept of _______ in light of the law of effect, B. F. Skinner
brought us a new form of behaviorism.
A. conditioning C. displacement
B. reinforcement D. the conditioned stimulus
7. If T is a genetic trait for tallness, and its allele, t, is recessive for tallness, and the four
children of Paul and Paula have alleles TT, tT, Tt, and tt, how many of these children
will be tall?
A. 1 C. 3
B. 2 D. 4
8. Baby Louisa is able to interact with her environment in ways that allow her to adjust
her behavior accordingly. For Piaget, Louisa is manifesting
A. adaptation. C. assimilation.
B. accommodation. D. referencing.
9. In terms of development, Piaget believed that
A. child development is haphazard, random, and based on experience.
B. cognitive development proceeds by stages that are universal across cultures.
C. children learn in different sequences based on their environment.
D. perception and sensation are directly linked and, therefore, inseparable.
10. If you take the information-processing view of cognitive development, you would say
A. typing on a computer keyboard is the equivalent of short-term memory.
B. thinking and data processing are similar, but not actually related.
C. storing information to a hard drive is the equivalent of long-term memory.
D. placing information in RAM memory is like sensory memory.
11. As an advocate of sociocultural theory, you would be most interested in the
A. interplay of genetic inheritance and environment.
B. impact of being African American on your learning abilities.
C. role of the unconscious in learning.
D. role of consciousness in child development.
12. Sally can tie her shoes but only with her mother’s help. This fact suggests that tying
shoes is
A. actually beyond Sally’s capability.
B. within Sally’s zone of proximal development.
C. an innate process that needs only nurturing to unfold.
D. too difficult for a Sally’s age and should be attempted later.
13. Dr. Smartz has been intensely engaged in a study of the twins Annette and Brad for
the last two years. You would most accurately say that Dr. Smartz is engaged in a/an
A. gender experiment. C. cross-lagged method.
B. correlational study. D. case study.
14. If you were attempting to explain to Jake how a chromosome looks, you would most
accurately tell him it’s like a
A. cone. C. sphere.
B. rod. D. ladder.
15. Marshall has been diagnosed with Down syndrome. You realize that Marshall’s condition is
related to
A. alcohol abuse by the father.
B. abnormalities of the 21st pair of chromosomes.
C. sex-linked chromosomal abnormalities.
D. genetic errors in the 24th pair of chromosomes.
16. Of every 2000 newborn males, how many are statistically likely to have Klinefelter’s
A. None, since the disorder only affects females. C. Around 20
B. Around 30 D. Between 2 and 4
17. Sara sets up an experiment with a control group and an experimental group to study
how reading to preschool children may improve their first-grade reading achievement
scores. In her study, the independent variable will be
A. first-grade reading achievement scores.
B. reading to children.
C. being in the experimental group.
D. having been read to as a preschooler.
18. If there is concern about a neural tube defect in the fetus, which of the following tests
is least usable?
A. Ultrasound C. AFP assay
B. Blood test D. Fetoscopy exam
19. If both parents are carriers of PKU,
A. one child out of four will develop the disorder.
B. none of the children will develop the disorder.
C. their daughters are more likely to develop the disorder than their sons are.
D. all of their children will develop the disorder.
20. AFP can be used to
A. assess sex chromosome abnormalities.
B. detect neural tube defects.
C. assess some degree of mental retardation.
D. measure enzyme levels in the fetus.
21. According to your textbook, monozygotic twins
A. share 50% of their genetic material.
B. are formed from two eggs but fertilized by the same sperm.
C. are as different as typical siblings are.
D. will have very similar physical appearance.
22. In comparison to concordance rates for autism in dizygotic twins, monozygotic twins
are _______ likely to develop the same illness.
A. significantly less C. significantly more
B. somewhat less D. somewhat more
23. Leon maintains that children have an innate and natural curiosity. If Leon is an educator
who wishes to apply his ideas to teaching methods, he has primarily involved himself
in the _______ controversy.
A. nature-nurture C. continuity-discontinuity
B. active-passive D behavioral-cognitive
24. Regarding causes of infertility, it’s the case that
A. irregular or failed ovulation is the most common cause of female infertility.
B. infertility lies in fertility problems of the male partner in about 12% of cases.
C. endometriosis results from repeated failure to ovulate.
D. sperm motility is directly correlated to sperm count.
25. If you were to describe how DNA looks, you would say that it’s like a
A. twisted ladder. C. sphere.
B. earthworm. D. flexible rod.
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Expert:  Chris M. replied 6 years ago.

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
do you think that you can help me with 40551900 , 40552000, 40552100, 40552200, 40552300 i checked my work with yours answers and they were right thank you so much.
Expert:  Chris M. replied 6 years ago.

Hello Customer,


Thanks for the reply. If you were satisfied with the answers to your question, please click "accept." For the best results in getting assistance to the above exams, list them in separate posts limited to two or three exams each.


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can you please help me with pennfoster answer to 40551900,40552000,40552100,40552200,40552300 so i can check my answers
Expert:  Chris M. replied 6 years ago.

Hello Customer,


Sorry, I don't have the answers sets to these exams, but some of the other experts may. Again, I would suggest that you list them in separate posts limited to two or three exams each.


-Chris M.

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