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exam 08300402- Internet Basics 1. The Internet was created

Resolved Question:

exam 08300402- Internet Basics

1. The Internet was created to be used for
a. shopping b. sending e-mail c. scientific research d. international communication

2. Which one of the following is a domain name of a URL?
a. Wilson@ b. Http: c. d. /Products

3. Explorer calls them Favorites; Navigator prefers to call them Bookmarks. What are they?
a. E-mail letters you want to sabe b. User instructions that you shouldn"t throw away c. Internet service provider customers who use the Internet frequently d. Web sites that a user visits frequently

4. One kind of software that's required to be able to access the World Wide Web is s/an
a. Internet Connection b. Browser c. e-mail address d. search engine

5. A Web site created for Maui Services has a URL of ".pro." Which of the following types of organizations is Maui Services?
a. Nonprofit organization b. Licensed professional c. Professional association d. for-profit organization

6. Business e-mail messages should
a. be short b. be answered within one week c. add expression by using emotions
d. include your opinions of the message's topic

7. In the language of the World Wide Web, "this page cannot be displayed" means
a. your computers software is damaged b. the browser can't find the Web site that you're seeking c. the e-mail you're trying to open has been lost d. the ISP you've chosen is going to go out of business

8. What does the program WinZip do for the files on you computer?
a. It provides security for your computer when you're not using it
b. it helps you move quickly through a variety of Internet tasks
c. it closes Windows when you're working in other programs

9. In an e-mail message, what do the initials Bcc mean?
a. blind carbon copy b. broXXXXX XXXXXnel connection c. business configuration cooperative d. british complied corrections

10. which one of the following best describes what a plug-in does?
a. makes it safer to attach your modem to an electrical connection
b. expands a browser's capabilities
c. fills gaps in the phone line so data isn't lost
d. inserts information in online forms

11. which of the following tools is best for accessing web pages and connecting to the internet?
a. ISP b. Modem c. Search engine d. Browser

12. For what purposewould you use boolean operators when you search the Internet?
a. to logically sire a computer to operatoe most efficiently
b. to organize searches to find particular Web sites among the millions available
c. To write software that's particularly useful in mathematics
d. to organize news groups so people with all sorts of interests have opportunites to participate

13. When you're at work, your company e-mail is considered
a. the property of your employer b. secure and private for your correspondence\
c. an unofficial benefit d. an informal way to do business

14. a BLOG allows you yo
a. send a message to everyone in your address book b. carry on a real-time converation
c. publish your thoughts in a personal diary d. recieve news updates related to a specific topic

15. which of the following is not a meta-search engine?
a. DogPile b. ask jeeves c. Internet Sleuth d. yahoo!

16. Which of the following best describes spam?
a. Electronic junk mail b. a program that's not compatible with your browser c. computer viruses d. a program that will give your computer extra power

17. what do you have to do before you can participate in an e-mail list?
a. file posts in your address book b. send e-mail to all the other members b. join the e-mail list by registering d. write a letter of introduction

18. which of the following best describes a privacy statement regarding in Internet?
a. a statement in your e-mail account that garantees security b. a notice that appears on a Web site, especially one that requires registration with personal information c. a name you choose as a member of an e-mail list to ensure your anonymity d. a statement attached to software stating the designer's copyright claim

19. which of the following helps to moderate online behavior?
a. governments b. professional organizations c. netiquette c. cyber police

20. which kind of URL suffix would you most likely find attached to a site maintained by the Red Cross?
a. .edu b. .com c. .org d. .ca
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Chris M. replied 6 years ago.

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