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How does HRM affect all managers?

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How does HRM affect all managers?

Human resources is important in the workplace. Organizations today are transformed into leading productive companies based on the decisions made by human resources. The professionals who work in the human resources department make decisions that allow organizations to prosper in an aggressive and competive business environment. The human resources function plays an important role in an organization’s success or failure. In any organization, human resources exercise various duties to maintain a strong and productive company. The human resources profession must require a clear understanding of how an organization operates. Organizations in today’s ever-changing work environment must rely on a foundation for success. Managers in organizations must work together and be committed to work with the policies and procedures of a company. For example, in my organization right now, we were trying to see what could be done about giving a raffle for one of our co-workers who has cancer. We were thinking of holding a raffle and having the vendors bring it items to raffle. We found out that we could but if the vendors for example wanted to donate money, they would have to make it out to the person and not to the company because it would be considered a gift and that is against procedure. The managers were trying to work about this but had to get final approval from HR on how this could be done. In the end two managers went out a bought a gas grill for the raffle, and the vendors will donate towards the person. Leaving the organization out.

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