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16. Which forces shape or nurture our mental models a) Genetics b)

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16. Which forces shape or nurture our mental models
a) Genetics
b) Education and training<<<<
c) Education, training, influence of others, rewards, incentives, and personal experience
d) A “second kind of learning”
e) C and D
17. If a firm is to be successful at implementing an innovative culture, the management of the firm must make sure_____________
a) that an innovative market always exists
b) that managers and employees always agree<<<<<
c) that the firm’s overarching strategy is aligned at all levels in the organization
d) that customers are always satisfied
e) that the human recourse department conducts training about new product development
18. Pharmaceutical drug development can take up to 15 years, how was Invirase developed much faster?
a) Roche holds a major market share in anti-HIV drugs<<<<<
b) Little or no competition
c) Lobbied the FDA for releasing Invirase prior to normal protocol
d) Close cooperation of the teams at Roche with various authorities from the beginning of the project
e) Increased project funding to “fast track” to completion
19. Repenning’s experiment demonstrates how ____________ influenced the successful implementation of a new idea,
a) Financial support<<<<<
b) Senior level management commitment
c) Market acceptance
d) Team work
e) None of the above

20. Many firms exploit the benefits of prototyping. However, what are two common problems with prototyping?
a) Costs and delayed new product launch
b) Slow service and response<<<<<
c) Managing expectations and Intellectual Property rights
d) Lack of team work and poor employee expectations
e) None of the above

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