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Pennfoster Computer Information Systems B2B Strategies;

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1. The Most common policy used in U.S companies today is a/an _________approach.
a. opt-out b. advocay c. defensive d. opt-in

2. Which of the following procurement activites has been made easier through the use of web technologies?
a. Finding and qualifying suppliers b. Inspecting shipping documents
c. Identifying and quantifying needs
d. Inspecting and qualifying materials

3. A visitor to a wed site is bound by the terms of the service agreement by
a. reading the text and linked sites
b. clicking on the Accept button
c. simply uing the site
d. sending an e-mail acknowledgement to the site administrator

4. The classic objective of ___________ has always been to provide the right goods in the right quantities in the right place at the right time.
a. outsourcing
c. procuring

5. A company that's responsible for transporting all or a large portion of a customer's materials is a/an
a. 3PL
b. EDI
d. ACH

6.Which one of the following statements best describe connection EDI?
a. Each business operates its own EDI translator computer that's conected directly to other computer in the system
b. Business use a value-added network that stores communication software needed for the EDI transaction.
C. Business use the Internet for EDI transactions
d. Business send EDI documents through mail

7. allows you to upload digital pictures to its web site at no charge. when it sells prints of these photos to you, it engages in
a. balt-and-switch tactics.
d. monetizing
d. viral marketing

8. Dell computer is one company that has been able to reduce supply chain cost by
a. sharing information with its suppliers
b. absorbing the cost
c.sending the cost back to consumers

9. Vendors selling indirect materials on the web achieve a major redction in the cost of
a. researching
b. printing and shipping catalogs
c. negotiating with thier suppliers
d. advertising improved products

10. The main law governing privacy on the internet today is the________ Act of 1986.
a. Privacy Rights Advocacy
c. Electronic Communication Privacy

11. A business -to-business web auction is an inexpensive way for a company to dispose of
a. high-deman finished products
b. short-supply raw material
c. back-ordered spare parts
unusable or excess inventory

12. All eBay actions have a _______ increment
a. minimum bid
b. space limit
c. time limit
d.maximum bid

13. In a/an ________ auntion, multiple sellers submit price bids to an auctioneer who represents a single buyer
a. sealed-bid double
b. reverse (seller-bid)
c. Dutch
d. English

14. In a EDI Purchasing process, the __ has been replace with the data communication of an EDI network.
a. federal tax return
b. receiving department
c. insurnace claim form
d. mail service

15. Until the legal environment of privacy regulation becomes more clear, privacy advocates recommend that electronic commerce web site be _____ in their collection and use of customer data
a. generous
b. conserve
d. liberal

16. The relationship between the government and tax -paying entity is known as
a. a nexus
b. Statutory law
c. TOS
d. common law

17. Roadway Trucking customers can determine where thier shipments are by accessing a web site that monitors truck positions GPS technology. Using GPS and portable computing.

A. just-in-time delivery management service management
c. second wave electronic commerce
d.computerized inventory management

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