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Pretend that eyes only come in three colors, brown, green and

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Pretend that eyes only come in three colors, brown, green and blue. Eye color is dependent on two genes. Brown or blue on the first, and green or blue on the second. (This will be a Punnett Square with two traits.) The first gene controls a colored layer near the front of the eyeball (nearest the observer). If this colored layer is brown (BB or Bb), the observer will see brown eyes and the second layer will not be seen. If the first layer is blue (bb), the observer will see through that layer to the second colored layer behind it. The second colored layer can be green (GG or Gb) or blue (bb). If a woman has green eyes, what are her possible allele combinations on her genes for eye color (her possible genotypes)? List them all.



For green eyes, the first layer must be blue (bb) to be "seen through" and the second layer must be green (GG or Gb). The possible genotypes for green eyes would then be bbGG or bbGb.


Hope this helps!

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Using the information already given is it possible for a brown eyed father and a green eyed mother to have a blue eyed child. I need a full explanation and maybe even Punnett squares.


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Thanks for the accept. The link doesn't seem to work in the above. Here is the link for the Punnet square example.


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