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1) If the public believes you know what went wrong in a crisis,

Resolved Question:

1) If the public believes you know what went wrong in a crisis, they are more likely to accept that you will quickly remedy the problem.
____ True ____ False

2) The most desired form of communication by employees regarding work and the company is:
_____ supervisory communication
_____ the grapevine
_____ the bulletin board
_____ online communication

3) Employee communication:
_____ is getting all the attention it deserves by CEOs
_____ is not as critical as investor relations
_____ may be one of the most neglected PR functions in corporate America
_____ will become less important in the future due to the growth of email

4) While 80% of corporate CEOs believe personal communication with employees is good for the company, only 22% actually do it.
____ True ____ False

5) A bare-bones media kit includes all of the following except:
_____ a news release
_____ a memo from the Marketing manager
_____ a backgrounder on the company
_____ contact info for the PR staff, in case a journalist has further questions

6) TV magnifies everything, especially phoniness.
____ True ____ False

7) You’ve sent out 4 press releases this week trying to get some free publicity for your product/service, but no reporters are calling back for a quote. What should you do?
_____ a. Phone each reporter and tell them they’re not really doing a very good job of following up.
_____ b. Resend all 4 releases. Maybe the editors didn’t receive them.
_____ c. Review each of your releases to determine if they are really news or just blatant promotion.
_____ d. Do nothing.
_____ e. Send your media releases to other outlets.

8) Symbols are not powerful enough to leave a distinct impression.
____ True ____ False

9) Issues (or risk) management is a pre-crisis tactic that anticipates issues 18 months to 3 years away.
____ True ____ False

10) When communicating during a crisis all are true except:
_____ Speak first and often
_____ Establish your spokesperson as the most authoritative source
_____ Make your point and repeat it
_____ Speculate if it’s to your benefit
_____ Be concerned about the issue

11) Another term for crisis management is:
_____ a. proactive planning
_____ b. risk communication
_____ c. mitigation of risks
_____ d. issues management
_____ e. corporate communications

12) The purpose of a media kit is to:
_____ a. catch the editor’s eye
_____ b. create a favorable impression of the company’s top executives
_____ c. promote goodwill
_____ d. tell the company’s history
_____ e. answer all the likely questions about the organization’s announcement
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Chris M. replied 7 years ago.

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