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1. What is the level of measurement for each of the following

Customer Question

1. What is the level of measurement for each of the following variables?
a. Student IQ ratings.
b. Distance students travel to class.
c. Student scores on the first statistics test.
d. A classification of students by state of birth.
e. A ranking of students by freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior.
f. Number of hours students study per week.

2. What is the level of measurement for these items related to the newspaper business?
a. The number of papers sold each Sunday during 2004.
b. The departments, such as editorial, advertising, sports, etc.
c. A summary of the number of papers sold by county.
d. The number of years with the paper for each employee.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  StatisticsExpert replied 7 years ago.

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