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1)the right hemisphere of the brain is responsible for all

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1)the right hemisphere of the brain is responsible for all of the following except a)images,dreams,insights b)solving complex mathematical problems c)intuitive reasoning d)visual,spatial task 2)Maslow suggested that one way human beings can move toward "Inner-directness" is through a)linear sequencing b)analysis,step-by-step-tasks c)guided imagery d)using verbal tasks when contemplating "inner-directness" 3)There are 4 phases or basic steps involved in guided imagery.These include each of the following except a)imagining b)centering c)relaxing with awareness d)reading poetry 4)when guided images are over,the processing phase is important because it allows you to a)count how many inages each person saw b)create mental images c)discuss what you enjoyed the most about the process d)sometimes fall asleep 5)Singer reports that there are 2 major systems for coding and storing material.They are a)creative gene+memorization b)Intuition+insight c)whole+partial d)verbal-linguistic+imaginary

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