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Chris M.
Chris M., M.S.W. Social Work
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1)Which teachers best exemplifies thorough understanding of

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1)Which teachers best exemplifies thorough understanding of integrated instrction a)james developed seperate standards-based mathematic,science,language arts,and social study and then tied them all together with an internet search b)both kevin and james understand what it means c)karen and kevin understand the meaning d)karen stated that she spent the summer studying national standards from each of the major disciplines and developed a unit to start the school year using"beginnings"as the theme.In that unit she had her students explore the origin of numbers,the reason their local community was settled,development of a seed and the importance of introductory sentence in the development of an essay e)kevin developed problem-based unit on pollution,requiring all of his students 2)an integrated unit can assist in development of critical thinking skills True or false 3)Using a topic like"teddy bears"to teach each of the disciplines is what it means to integrate the discipline true/false

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