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Zoey, JD
Zoey, JD, Writer, former teacher
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Need an essay about a personal knowledge experience needs

Resolved Question:

Need an essay about a personal knowledge experience needs to be at least 750 to 2500 words.Write in your own words from your perspective or point of view using the pronoun. Capture your reader's attention with an interesting introductory paragraph. use specific examples to show what you mean. Use concrete or vivid words. Use complete sentences as well as vary your sentence length and structure. Use fully developed paragraphs where each paragraph has only on main idea with enough supporting details to develop that idea clearly and logically.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Zoey, JD replied 8 years ago.
I can probably help you with this one, but it is supposed to be your personal experience. Is there a particular topic that came to your mind with the assignment? Something that happened to you or that you feel strongly about?

What time do you need it by?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
moving out of my moms house was a big personal experience is that good
Expert:  Zoey, JD replied 8 years ago.
Yes. That would be fine.

Can you give me a short list of whether this was a good move for you or a bad one? Why you moved out? How old were you? How you felt at the time? Where you were moving to and why?   

Just list all of the details you found important about the experience and I'll put it together for you.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Dependent,Handling money getting a job, learning how to pay bills manage money. Buying food cooking on my own saving up money for a car. Renting an apartment. Learned about good credit.
Expert:  Zoey, JD replied 8 years ago.
Sorry about delay. I wanted to get a few things done so that once I started I could work without interruption.

So you see the move as meaning you've grown up and you are proud that you can take care of yourself. All that's good.

Just a few more details.

Are you male or female, and how old were you when you moved out? What do you miss most -- if anything? What are you happiest about? How far away do you live from your mom now? Was she happy about the move, or did you have to argue your way out of the house?

What the best thing that has happened to you as a result of this move?

Again, a list is okay. And that should give me plenty to start with.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
That's okay. I'm female I moved out when I was 18. Having not to pay bills, My moms cooking. I live 3 hrs away. No, she misses me she doesn't have her only daughter to talk to and I don't have my mom to talk to and comfort me, when I'm scared. We didn't argue we talked about it, she said she didn't think it was a good idea to leave. My Independence learning stuff by my self
Expert:  Zoey, JD replied 8 years ago.

I've been there, done that too, so I think I know where you're coming from.

I'll have a first paragraph in a very short while. You can tell me whether or not I'm on the right track and add anything last minute thoughts and then I'll take it from there.
Expert:  Zoey, JD replied 8 years ago.

You can see the intro at this link

Let me know what you think.

Also, did you get your job before you moved out? Did you have to take a roommate to find an apartment? Or did your folks help you out with at least the first month's rent? How long did it take you to find something affordable?

The next section is going to be about getting things ready for the change and then the move. The final section will be all of the stuff you've learned as a result of being on your own.

How long have you been independent now, by the way?
Expert:  Zoey, JD replied 8 years ago.
I have the conclusion now too. What I still need is information about how and when you found your job, how long it took, what sort of work you're doing, etc. And then about finding the apartment and furnishing it and that sort of stuff. When I get that list, I can finish this, and it will be good to go.

It only has to sound like it's from your own personal experience. It doesn't have to be perfectly true, but you can make it more accurate if you wish, and I'll be happy to proof it.
Expert:  Zoey, JD replied 8 years ago.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
It look good so far but can you just include the stuff that I just include and posted to you. If you didn't get just let me know. That was just the middle draft right or the whole essay. I will be here till 6:30 And it's 4:42pm right now. So let me know if you have any questions or need anything. Sorry that it took me so long to get to you my friend just had a baby and she having some rough times, but I here right now and I will quickly ask any questions till 6:30
Expert:  Zoey, JD replied 8 years ago.

I didn't get anything additional from you. What my last post is, was the whole essay. It's over 800 words long, so it's more than the minimum. The file you looked at was just the beginning. The one that's there now has the same name but is the whole thing.

I can change whatever you like. But it's not like your instructor will know that this didn't happen to you personally just the way it is.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
That's true, I don't want to rewrite everything over again. Thank very much you were very helpful to me.

Expert:  Zoey, JD replied 8 years ago.
Thank you as well. I enjoyed writing an upbeat personal experience. I wish you good luck with your independence. If/when you're satisfied with the essay, and don't need further help with it, I hope you'll click on Accept so that I get paid for my work.

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