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1. In terms of impulse and momentum, why are air bags in ...

Customer Question

Just trying to refresh my physics memory, so I can tutor someone in physics in the fall.....but unfortunately I forgot a lot of it especially about momentum......too many rules

1. In terms of impulse and momentum, why are air bags in automobiles are a good idea?

2. You can't throw a raw egg against a wall without breaking it, but you can throw it at the same speed ito a sagging sheet without breaking it. Why?

3. A moving car has a mometum. If the car moves twice as fast, what is its momentum. Now consider two cars, one twice as heavy as the other, both of which are moving down a hill at the same speed. Compare to the lighter car, what is the momentum of the heavier car?

4. What does it mean to say that momentum is conserved?

5. Image that youa re hovering next to the space shulttle in an Earth's orbit. YOur buddy of equal mass, who is moving at 4km/h with respect to the shuttle, bumps into you. If he holds onto you, how fast do you both move with respect to the ship?

6. Jocko, who has a mass of 60kg and stand at rest on ice, catches a 20kg ball that is thrown to him at 10km/h. How fast does Jocko and the ball move across the ice?

7. a) What is the momentum of an 8kg bowling ball rolling at 2m/s? b) If the bowling ball rolls into a pillow and stops in .5s, calculate the average force it exerts on the pillow? c) What average force does the pillow exert on the ball?

8. a) What is the momentum of a 50kg carton that slides at 4m/s across an icy surface? b) Ths sliding carton skids onto a rought surface and stop in 3 s. Calculate the force of friction it encounter.

9.Suppose you were firing two balls from the same cannon. What different in recoil would you expect when firing a solid ball versus firing a hollow ball? Explain!

10. Imaging a group of a playful astronauts, each with a bag fll of balls, who form a circle as they free-fall in space. WHat will happen when they begin tossing ball simultaneously to one another?

Please ignore this, I figure them out! Thank you though!!! No amount will be pay, if you try!!!!

Edited by MedicJenny on 7/15/2008 at 1:24 PM
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Homework

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