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Informative speech on global warming

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Write an short informative speech on global warming:
Introduction –
History of global warming
Global warming in the United States
HeyCustomer I'll get right to this now. It should be ready before 11pm eastern time.
Global warming is the process of the earth warming gradually. This warming causes seasonal extremes and changes in environmental habitat suitability. Global warming is currently a hot topic but it has been a part of history since human settlement. The industrial revolution pushed global warming into high gear with the release of fossil fuels into the air, and the increase in urbanized areas and population growth. Furthermore the increase in agricultural production from technological advances also hindered global warming by creating fewer areas for forest growth and wildlife usage. It also changed the landscape by damming and irrigation. Global warming in on the rise because the human populations are using earth's resources at a much faster rate than they can replenish. The human consumption rate must be minimized or changed in order for global warming to be halted. Global warming, while a gradual process is changing our environment and its resources quickly. We can slow this process down by trying to be more ecologically conscious.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
can you set this up like this please

Introduction –
History of global warming
Global warming in the United States

thank you

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