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need desperate help with test from Penn Foster technology ...

Customer Question

need desperate help with test from Penn Foster technology and society.# XXXXX
1.   Moore's law states that the

     A. size of microchips doubles every 18 months.
     B. processing power of microchips doubles every 12 months.

     C. speed of microchips doubles every 12 months.

     D. processing power of microchips doubles every 18 months.

2.   The phenomenon of improved productivity resulting from the act of studying a process rather than from making changes in the process is referred to as

     A. Moore's corollary.
     B. the Hawthorne effect.

     C. Parkinson's law.

     D. the Peter Principle.

3.   In creating a professional action plan, it's important to

     A. think of fellow workers.
     B. consider where you want to end up.

     C. evaluate the rewards.

     D. make a list.

4.   Software, biotechnology, and information technology hardware industries are examples of the type of knowledge industry that

     A. manages and conveys information.
     B. creates and conveys information.

     C. has knowledge as its product.

     D. has information as its goal.

5.   The right not to be disturbed emotionally by conduct designed to subject the victim to great tensions by baring his intimate life and affairs to public view or by humiliating and annoying invasions of his solitude is the right of

     A. solitude.
     B. free speech.

     C. access.

     D. privacy.

6.   Physical items like buildings and machinery are considered _______ capital.

     A. physical
     B. intangible

     C. tangible

     D. transient

7.   A measure of technological evolution is the Web year, which is _______ months.

     A. two
     B. three

     C. four

     D. six

8.   Social need, social resources, and a sympathetic social context are the three points of

     A. social impact within the current system.
     B. social involvement in technology innovation.

     C. technical impact within the current system.

     D. technical involvement in social innovation.

9.   The phrase used to describe a society in which information is sought out, evaluated, and valued is

     A. information maturity.
     B. information literacy.

     C. informed society.

     D. informed democracy.

10.   Banking, insurance, telecommunications, and education are examples of the type of knowledge industry that

     A. manages and conveys information.
     B. creates and conveys information.

     C. has knowledge as its product.

     D. has information as its goal.

11.   The practice of looking through discarded materials in hopes of finding valuable information is termed

     A. trash tampering.
     B. dumpster diving.

     C. wastebin wandering.

     D. landfill leaping.

12.   One skill that's generally expected of technology workers is

     A. Internet surfing.
     B. keyboarding.

     C. troubleshooting.

     D. programming.

13.   A technology professional keeping up-to-date on current developments may find it valuable to

     A. watch television talk shows.
     B. read the lifestyles section of newspapers.

     C. attend trade shows.

     D. visit museums.

14.   Honesty and integrity, empathy and acceptance, and faith and confidence are examples of

     A. the traits of greatness.
     B. the general requirements of a technical position.

     C. job qualifications.

     D. the characteristics of excellence.

15.   The responsibilities of the IT department and the needs of the user departments may cause conflicts over

     A. the naming conventions applied to programs.
     B. scheduling of vacation and time off.

     C. the color of the user log-in screen.

     D. the amount and type of security placed on an application.

16.   Networks, partnerships, and joint ventures are examples of

     A. coopetition.
     B. cooperation.

     C. competition.

     D. creativity.

17.   The ability to juggle multiple projects and intersperse work on multiple tasks is called

     A. self-motivation.
     B. teamwork.

     C. detail-orientation.

     D. multitasking.

18.   Technology has changed communications by replacing or supplementing traditional modes of communication that were primarily

     A. one-on-one.
     B. private.

     C. face-to-face.

     D. archaic.

19.   Children's Web sites may combine educational and entertaining information and activities with interactive advertising and direct selling. Because children may have difficulty differentiating between advertising and programming content, this situation is a(n)

     A. exciting opportunity to change society.
     B. potentially negative impact of the Internet on children.

     C. reason to bar children from the Internet entirely.

     D. educationally defensible position.

20.   Taking ownership of the job and seeing what needs to be done and doing it are characteristics described as

     A. self-motivation.
     B. teamwork.

     C. detail-orientation.

     D. multitasking.
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Category: Homework
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Expert:  Dolly replied 9 years ago.

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