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Exponent and roots and quadratic equations

Customer Question

#1.simplify the expressin a3b2/a2b?

A. a4b3  B.1/a5b3  C. ab  D.a-6b -2

#2simplify the expression.[6x3^2/3x4]?

A.2/x  B.12x^5/6x6  C.4/X^2  D.2x^6/x8

#3. Find the value of x in the equation 2 divide x + 20 = 15 + 3 divide x .

A. 1 C. - 5

B. 16 D. 25

#4. Find the value of x in the equation divide sign x + 5 = x + 45

A. 2 C. 16

B. 4 D. 1

#5. Simplify the expression r-3s5t2/2rst-2

A. s4t4/r5  B.s4/r6t2  C. r-1s4  D. r-5s4

#6. Write 0.0003532 in scientific notation.

A. 3.532 X10^4 C. 3.532 X10^5

B. 3.532 X 10^-4 D. 3.532 X 10^-5

#7. Write 34392.55 in scientific notation.

A. 3.439255 ¡Á 104 C. 3.439255 ¡Á 103

B. 3.439255 ¡Á 10-4 D. 3.439255 ¡Á 10-3

#8. Write the number 0.000938 in scientific notion.

A. 9.38 X10-4 C. 9.38 X104

B. 9.38 X 105 D. 9.38 X 10-5

#9. Write the expression 2 3/5 as a radical.

A. 3 divide 2^5  B.3 divide 32  C.5 divide2^3  D.5 divide 32

#10. Simplify the expression 6 divided 2/divided3.

A.6 divided 3  B.2 divide 6/3  C.2 divide 6 D.2 divide 3

#11. Simplify the expression divided 18x^4 y^3.

A..3x^4y^3 divide 2  B.3X^2Y divide2y   C.x^2 divide 18 y^3   D.x2y divided18y

#12. Simplify the expression 2 divide 20 -3 divide 7 - 2 divide 5 + 4 divide 63 .

A. 2 divide 20 - 3 divide 7 - 2 divide 5 +4 divide 63 

B. 2divide 5 .-3divide7 + 4divide  63 .

C.2 divide 20 - 4 divide 7 - 2 divide 5   D.2 DIVIDE 5 + 9 DIVIDE 7.

#13. Simplify the expression (2 divided 27) . (3 divide 32).

A. 72 divided 6 C. 35 divide 6

B. 18 divide 6 D. 36 divide 24

#14. Simplify the expression divide 96/8.

A. 4 divide 3 /2    B. DIVIDE 2/4   C. 2 DIVIDE 3   D.1/2 DIVIDE 3

#15. Find the square root of the fraction 64/100.

A. 4/5  B.DIVIDE 4/DIVIDE 5  C.DIVIDE 8/DIVIDE 10   D.4 DIVIDE 2/10.

#16. Divide 9x2 by divide 18y^2.

A. 3x/2y  B. X DIVIDE 3/Y  C. 1/2XY  D. X DIVIDE 2/2Y.

#17.WHAT IS THE VALUE OF J IN THE EQUATION divide j + divide j+14= 3 divide j +10?

A. 2   B.4   C.16   D.DIVIDE 2.

#18. If one leg of a right triangle measures 3 centimeters and the other leg measures 6 centimeters, what is the length of the hypotenuse?

A. 3 DIVIDE 5 centimeters C. 9 centimeters

B. 5 divide 3 centimeters D. divide 5 centimeters.

#19. In a right triangle, the length of the hypotenuse is 20 inches and the length of one leg is 15 inches. What is the length of the other leg?

A. 5 inches C. divide 7 inches

B. 5 divide7 inches D. 25 inches.

#20. In a right triangle, one leg measures 4 inches and the other leg measures 6 inches. What is the length of the hypotenuse?

A. 10 inches C. divide 52 inches

B. 52 inches D. 2 divide 13 inches.

#21. Which of the following is the greatest common factor of the terms 48s5t3u2 and 40s3tu4?

A. 6s2t2u C. 6s3tu

B. 8s2t2u D. 8s3tu2

#22 What is the greatest common factor of the terms 14c2d and 42c3d?

A. 2c2d C. 14c2d

B. 3c D. 7c2d

#23. Which of the following are the factors of x3 + 3x2?

A. x2(x2 + 3) C. x2(x + 3)

B. x(x2 + 3x) D. x2(x ¨C 3)

#24. Which of the following are the factors of 4b2 ¨C 16?

A. (2b + 4)(2b + 4) C. (2b ¨C 2)(2b + 4)

B. 2(b ¨C 4)(b + 4) D. 4(b ¨C 2)(b + 2)

#25. Which of the following are the factors of m2 ¨C 14m + 48?

A. (m ¨C 6)(m ¨C 8) C. (m ¨C 12)(m + 4)

B. (m ¨C 12)(m ¨C 4) D. (m + 6)(m + 8)

#26. Which of the following are the factors of q3 ¨C q2 + 2q _ 2?

A. (q2 ¨C 1)(q + 2) C. (q ¨C 1)(2 ¨C q)

B. (q ¨C 1)(q2 + 2) D. (q ¨C 1)(2 ¨C q2)

#27. Which of the following are the factors of t4 ¨C 81?

A. (t2 ¨C 9)(t2 ¨C 9) C. (t ¨C 3)(t + 3)2

B. (t ¨C 3)2(t + 3)2 D. (t ¨C 3)(t + 3)(t2 + 9)

#28. Which of the following is one of the two binomial factors of 6s2 + 40s ¨C 64?

A. 6s ¨C 12 C. 3s ¨C 4

B. 2s ¨C 16 D. s + 10

#29. Find the value or values of p in the quadratic equation p2 + 13p ¨C 30 = 0.

A. p = 10, p = 3 C. p = ¨C15, p = 2

B. p = 15, p = 2 D. p = ¨C10, p = ¨C3

#30. Find the possible value or values of n in the quadratic equation 2n2 ¨C 7n + 6 = 0.

A. n=3/2,n=2  B. n=1,n=3   C.n=- 2,n=- 3/2   D.n=6,n=0.

Thanks in advance.




¡Ì... 1016. Divide ¡Ì... 9 x2 by ¡Ì.... 18 y2 18. If one leg of a right triangle

Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  xarqi replied 11 years ago.
By the time the typographical issues are worked out, and the
questions answered and checked, probably an hour would have
been required.

Answerers here get at most 50% of the payment, so you are
asking people to work for about $2.50 an hour, or 8c per

I'm sorry, but I can't help at that rate. Maybe somebody else
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to xarqi's Post:



So what rate will you help? 6$ is it ok because I can’t afford more.




Expert:  Dr WLS replied 11 years ago.

Regardless of what you do about price (which I agree with xarqi is too low) , make sure your equations are typed correctly. That will help you get responses. I have no idea what your "¨C " symbol means -- probably either + or - .

And please use ^ for exponents (like ^2 for "squared").

As I recall, in one of your math posts about May 18,  you added three more questions to an already long list before you would accept xarqi's answer. Some of your equations needed added parentheses to become clearly defined. 

I personally feel that $5 is a fair price for 10 to 15 algebra questions that are clearly stated. Thirty questions is too many, especially when we need to interact with you to clarify the questions.


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