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I'm Julie and 28. I've been struggling with heart burn

Customer Question

Hi, I'm Julie and 28. I've been
struggling with heart burn on and off for 15 years, but the past 3 months has been very bad. Every time I eat something, I get burning that usually is felt between the belly button and breast bone with acid coming up to the chest at times and very painful bloating. I always feel full, so it hard to eat normally
even eating small meals .Because whole grains, dairy, nuts, and beef are the worst for acid and bloating pain, I put myself on a fruit and vegetable diet. I was
eating chicken and fish , but I had to stop because the burning worsened, so I discontinued them just a few weeks ago. I've
been taking mastic gum, ginger root, chamomile, licorice, red clover,which seemed to help for a very short time for the burning in
the upper mid section, but the acid reflux was becoming more frequent and a month later I started feeling at times light
headed and nauseated. It was so bad that I had to lie down. The
past two weeks I stopped taking all those herbs and this past week stopped the mastic gum, since the acid was keeping me up all night long. This week I finally got brave enough to try apple cider vinegar. It helps the bloating a little, but it still last for hours. Not even friendly bacteria and fennel doesn't seem to do much. I still get stomach pressure in the upper mid section and upper left that is painful and I get annoying burping throughout the day. This week the acid doesn't seem to be coming up and burning like it used to. I'm
still in bad pain throughout the day from bloating and can't eat much. I'm concerned and don't know if I'm getting enough nutrition since I'm not able to eat protein, dairy, and whole grains. I tried health protein drinks, but the results are the same. Would you please help give me advice of what food I should be eating to replace what my body is missing in nutrition and herbs or other home remedies to heal my bloating, stomach pain, and acid reflux?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Homeopathy
Expert:  Dr. Phil, MD replied 1 year ago.
do you have any other medical issues?