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does the rhodiola rosea can make me sleepy?

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does the rhodiola rosea can make me sleepy?

Hello there.


Yes it is possible for the Rhodiola to make you sleepy. It is difficult to know how any one person may react to herbal medicines. Fatigue can be a known side effect of Rhodiola. If you have ruled out other conditions such as low thyroid, vitamin D deficiency, and low iron, and the only thing that has changed since the onset of the tiredness is the addition of the Rhodiola, then that is likely the cause. The best way to find out is to stop the Rhodiola and see if you feel any better. Then consider beginning it again to see if you feel worse. If so, then stop the supplement. If not, then I would consider further testing in the areas mentioned above.


Please let me know if you have any other questions as I am happy to help until you are satisfied.


-Dr. John

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
i started using the rhodiola for my anxiety disorder, and i always feel sleepy but if i quit taking it i will have my anxiety worse than it is.... im taking just 100mg, is that enough to be sleepy?

so that means if it makes me sleepy is not good to continue using it?

another question is.. can i take garlic pills with the rhodiola?
Hello again.

The 100mg may still be enough to make you sleepy. The sleepiness is not likely to be harmful but it can be annoying. You can consider staying on the Rhodiola and work with the sleepiness. If it helps with your anxiety, it may be worth continuing. It is ultimately a matter of risk vs benefit.

I have a few other ideas for you that you can consider instead of the Rhodiola.

1) . Magnesium malate would be best in your case as the combination of magnesium plus malic acid has been shown to help reduce muscle tension and anxiety. 300-450mg 30 minutes before bed is often how it is dosed. There is a great product by a company called Biogenesis called Muscle Aid. You can read about it here:
2) Fish oil. Fish oil, specifically omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) may help as they have been shown to reduce anxiety symptoms. Good brands are Carlson and Nordic Naturals. The essential fatty acids found in fish oil (specifically cod liver oil) are important for optimal brain health as the membrane of every cell in our body is composed of these fats.
3) There is a product called 200mg of Zen that works very well as a calming supplement. It contains GABA and theanine which have both been shown to help relieve anxiety and promote alpha waves in the brain.

4) Lavender essential oil used topically (1-2 drops under the nose) may help as lavender is anxiolytic.

5) Rescue Remedy is an over the counter remedy that helps to decrease stress and anxiety. It is quite calming and can be used 4-6 drops every 15 minutes.
6) Hypericum 30c is a homeopathic remedy that works very well for nerve symptoms. Dose = 3 pellets under the tongue 1x per day. If the symptoms are not relieved within a week, you may consider a different remedy. There is a great website, , that can help assist you in selecting a remedy.

7) There is a treatment called SCENAR that is new to the US but works amazingly well. You can read more about it here and find a local practitioner by contacting them : It is FDA approved for pain and stress.

8) Epsom salt baths. Place 6-8 cups of Epsom salt in hot bath and soak for 20 minutes nightly. Epsom salt is magnesium salt and works well to reduce tension and anxiety.

If I had to prioritize, I would start with #3 and #1 above and #5 for acute symptoms.

The above recommendations have few if any side effects and can be used seperately or in conjunction with each other. I hope you find this information helpful. If you have any other questions, please let me know as i am happy to help until you are satisfied. You must talk to your doctor before starting any treatments as these are just for information purposes only.
-Dr. John
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