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Louie, Technician
Category: Home Theater-Stereo
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Experience:  Have been in the business 25+ yrs., down to component level.
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I have a Yamaha RX-V675 receiver. Everything was fine with

Customer Question

I have a Yamaha RX-V675 receiver. Everything was fine with it for 18 months and then the sound started glitching (cutting out for less than a second). The problem got worse and worse and now I get no sound pretty much any time (now it cuts in for a few seconds at a time but mostly there's no sound).
The problem occurs no matter the source (TV via HDMI/ARC, ARC no ARC, optical audio, iPod connected via Audio inputs, etc.).
I've checked and rechecked speaker wires and even installed banana plugs to make sure I was getting good connection.
I'm thinking it's something inside (bad board or circuitry or whatever's in there).
Any ideas what could be wrong and what I could try to do to fix it? Thanks!
Submitted: 9 months ago.
Category: Home Theater-Stereo
Expert:  Louie replied 9 months ago.

Hi and welcome to JustAnswer,

Thank you for the question and your patience. Should you still need assistance for information purposes only...

Initially, preliminary considerations / tries:

  • • enabling STRAIGHT decode mode;
  • • plugging in a pair of headphones;
  • • is a subwoofer also connected? ...and does it exhibit similar symptoms.
Customer: replied 9 months ago.
Thanks for the response.
When I use Straight decode mode, I get pretty much the same results from the TV (HDMI), but get somewhat better results from iPod or Wii (RCA cable inputs). With iPod and Wii I still get a lot of cutting out, but it's about 50/50 sound and silence.
Yesterday I tried plugging in a pair of headphones and got nothing.
I've tried with and without the subwoofer and don't see any different results.
Expert:  Louie replied 9 months ago.

The findings of "...same results from the TV (HDMI), but get somewhat better results from iPod or Wii (RCA cable inputs)..." are significant as it would almost always point to an internal hardware issue.

Have you considered/tried a RESET?

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
I think I did this yesterday. Is this the same thing as restoring the default settings?
Expert:  Louie replied 9 months ago.

Yes, re-try the RESET. A reset is both a test and a try of a fix. As it implies, a reset would force the unit to revert back to factory defaults removing glitches and config errors but would include memories, presets and user preferences. After a reset, the initial setup would have to be performed. If have not been done and should you venture to try: While in Standby mode go to / perform INIT....ALL
Please click HERE.

May have to be done a number of times.

This is very critical - a reset however would not be corrective of an internal hardware concern; but it would be confirmed. In some instances, it may even expose other issues.

If not corrective, are you then considering a DIY (do-it-yourself) repair approach? If yes, do you have access to and familiar with a multi-meter and even a soldering iron?

Equally important, could you make use of the repair/Service Manual or at the very least, the schematic diagrams?