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Aric, Engineer
Category: Home Theater-Stereo
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Experience:  15+ years in the field. Owner of AV Installation, OEM and Repair company
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I have an old but great BA Microsystem CD built in November

Customer Question

I have an old but great BA Microsystem CD built in November 2006. The serial number is ***** The remote has not worked for years. The battery, CR2025, was replaced but it still did not work. I have moved the location of radio and want to start using the remote again. Are there replacements for the remote or do you have any other suggestions?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Home Theater-Stereo
Expert:  Aric replied 1 year ago.

Hi, Can you get me the "Model Number" (not the serial number) of the Boston Acoustics system in question?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi, I cannot find the model number. Where would I look? I have the manual but cannot find the model number.
Expert:  Aric replied 1 year ago.

Model Number would be on the front of the Manual. It's a Boston Acoustics "--------"?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
It just says MicroSystem CD Owner's Manual
Expert:  Aric replied 1 year ago.

Okay, hang tight and I will take a look.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I live in Canada. Is the $24 on top of the original fee?
Expert:  Aric replied 1 year ago.

This is a Boston Acoustic system correct? According to them it's either a 9000 or a 9500 for the model number. I will see if the remote is available for either one.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Expert:  Aric replied 1 year ago.

I know nothing about fees or what you paid originally- etc. as I'm an independent tech and not privy to billing (not a site employee).

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you. It would cost about $50 to speak with you if the 2 amounts are combined which seems a lot to find out about a remote. I appreciate any help that you can give me on line.
Expert:  Aric replied 1 year ago.

I cannot find any info regarding a remote and have nothing to do with billing. I'm going to opt out and open the question up to other experts. Please don't rate as it will hinder someone else from working with you on this.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Aric, thanks for your advice and for asking others.

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